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From Regarding Dapsone...Excretion and MOA (by shevyatiwari):
Question Answer
G6PD is an antioxidant emzyme with a net effect of increased hydroxylamine metabolites which are strong antioxidantsF G6PD is an antioxidant enzyme with net result of DECREASED hyroxylamine which are strong OXIDANTS


From Agents for hyperkeratosis (by shevyatiwari):
Question Answer
SA is a B hydroxyacidF, is a phenol aromatic acid
Lipid insolubleF
As it is lipophilic, effects limited to superficial dermisF, epidermis
Removes intercellular lipids T
Extracts integral proteins from desmsomesT
Denatures membrane crossing glycoproteinsT
SA results in a more regular and thin SCF, irregular
SA alters epidermal thicknessF
Salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory effects esp between 0.5-5%T
Percutaneous absorption is increased with a lipophilic ointmentF, hydrophilic
Salicylate can cause hyperglycaemiaF, hypo
Absorbs UVAF, UVB
Optimal keratolytic effect when near it's pH of 2.98T


From Topical Antibacterials Chapter 36 (by shevyatiwari):
Question Answer
Cat CT
Common allergen for contact dermatitis T
Can cross react with neomycin allergyF, co-reacts, doesn't cross react. Patch testing to both may uncover neomycin allergy


From Agents for hyperkeratosis (by shevyatiwari):
Question Answer
Yellow metallic elementF, not metallic
Inhibits sulfhydryl groups in bacterial enzyme systemsT, ihhibits P acnes, Strep, S auerus
Can cause death of Demodex and scabiesT
In low concentrations is keratoplastic, in high concentrations is keratolyticT


From Agents for hyperkeratosis (by shevyatiwari):
Question Answer
SA is a B hydroxyacidF, is a phenol aromatic acid
Lyses or breaks intracellular keratin filamentsF, disrupts cellular junctions
SA results in a more regular and thin SCF, irregular
Percutaneous absorption is increased with a lipophilic ointmentF, hydrophilic


From Systemic Antiparasitics (by shevyatiwari):
Question Answer
Well absorbed from GITF, poor absorption
Peak levels in 2 hoursT, 2.5 hours
Half life of 6 hoursF 8 hours
98% protein boundF, 70%
BM toxicity is restricted to those with hepatic dysfunctinF
Inhibitor of CYP1A2F, inducer


From TNF inhibitors Chapter 25 (by shevyatiwari):
Question Answer
Adalimumab reaches peak levels in 2 daysF. 131 hours
15% of those on Adalimumab develop injection site reactionsF. 3.2%
Those with anti drug ab's to Adalimumab were more likely to have adverse eventsF. No relation


From Tetracyclines (by shevyatiwari):
Question Answer
All TCN's can induce nephrogenic diabetes inspidiusF, only demeclocycline
Doxycycline is intermediate actingF, long acting
P acnes resistance is highest with minocyclineF, TCN, in 25%
Renal failure prolongs half lifeT
Thin women are more likely to have AVSE in the first few dosesT
C/I in 1st trimesterF, 2nd and 3rd


From Topical Vitamin D3 (by shevyatiwari):
Question Answer
Provitamin D3 undergoes temperature dependent isomerization to previtamin D3F, via UVB
Vit D3 binds to VDR in conjunction with RXR binds to Vitamin D response elementsT
Vitamin D promotes the formation of the cornfield envelope by increasing gene expression and levels of involucrin and trnasglutaminaseT
Calcipotriene binds to VDR with higher affinity than calcitriolF, same affinity
Calcitriol is available IVT, as well as PO
Calcipotriene BD is more effective than ODT
Calcipotriene BD is associated with more S/E than ODF
In children, improves PASI cf vehicleF, but does reduce redness/scaliness


From 5-FU (by shevyatiwari):
Question Answer
Application to diseased skin results in 20% greater systemic absorption than to normal skinF. Is 15-75 times greater than normal skin
5-FU undergoes metabolism intracellularlyT
5FU has inactive metabolitesF. Active - fluorodeoxyuridine monophosphate, triphosphate and fluorouridine triophosphate
5-FU is misincorporated into RNAT
5-FU blocks thymidylate synthetaseT, interferes with DNA synthesis
DPD deficiency and allergy is a C/I to 5-FUT
5-FU is category DF, category X
Treatment periods are longer for SCC in situ compared to BCCF. SCC in situ 8 weeks, BCC > 11 weeks


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