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From Bio L2 (PART 2 OF 3) (by nibbs06):
Question Answer
In Initiation, a group of DNA binding proteins called _________ identify a _________ on the DNA strandTranscription Factors identify a Promoter
Where on the genome can transcription occur & how often certain sequences are transcribed is regulated bythe promoter
The Transcription Bubble is formed when theRNA Polymerase unzips the DNA double helix
The non-transcribed strand is called the _________, whichCoding or (+) Sense Strand; it protects its partner against degradation
Rho Proteins, in the termination phasehelp dissociate RNA Pol from the DNA template
Euk gene regulation adds complexities by involving the interaction ofmany genes and enhancer proteins


From 2 Lumbarplexus, Sacral Plexus, GI & Pelvis (by nibbs06):
Question Answer
The left lobe is separated from the right by fissures for the _________, ___ & _________Ligamentum teres, Ligamentum venosum (remnant of fetal ductus venosus) & falciform ligament
The ports hepatis isthe "doorway to the liver, which includes the Hepatic portal vein, hepatic artery & hepatic duct
What vessel supplies the liver? And what is it a branch of?Hepatic Artery. It’s a branch of the Celiac Trunk.
The sphincter of Oddi, is also known as thehepatopancreatic sphincter
The ligaments of the spleen are called thesplenorenal ligament & the gastrosplenic ligament.


From 2 Lumbarplexus, Sacral Plexus, GI & Pelvis (by nibbs06):
Question Answer
The chief function of the stomach isenzymatic digestion
What’s the only part of the small intestine that is not suspended by mesentery to move with both gravity and peristalsis?The retroperitoneal part of the duodenum
The largest part of the small intestine isthe Ileum
The end of teniae coli near the sigmoid colon signifiesthe recto-sigmoid junction (rectum area begins)


From 2 Lumbarplexus, Sacral Plexus, GI & Pelvis (by nibbs06):
Question Answer
Sympathetic innervation of the GI tract arises fromsympathetic trunks
Parasympathetic innervation of the GI tract is from the (2)the vagus nerve (foregut & midgut) & the pelvic splanchnic nerve (hindgut)
The posterior 1/3 of tongue is innervated by _________ for _________CN-9 for both taste & general sensation


From 2 Lumbarplexus, Sacral Plexus, GI & Pelvis (by nibbs06):
Question Answer
Anterior Rami of L2 & L 3 will converge to formLateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve
The sciatic nerve is made up of two components (name which his dorsal & ventral also)common fibular part(dorsal division) & tibial part(ventral).
The sciatic nerve is formed from the ventral rami ofL4, L5 & S1-S3 on the anterior surface of the Piriformis


From 3 Inguinal & Urinary (by nibbs06):
Question Answer
The renal capsule covers thecortex
Each renal pyramid ends at a round point called the _________ at a small depression called the ___renal papilla + minor calyx
Where is fluid/filtrate finally considered urine?when it enters the minor calyx
The renal artery is located _________ (anterior, posterior, superior, inferior, dorsal, etc.) to the superior mesenteric arteryinferior
The most fixed/inferior part of the bladder is theNeck
In males, behind the bladder is theRectum
3 sections of the male urethra areProstatic, Membranous & Penile/Spongy Urethra.
From the pons/cerebellum, which sacral nerve initiates somatic motor signaling?pudendal nerve
During a urinary reflex, a voluntary response can stop this byincreasing somatic signaling & thus inhibiting the external sphincter reflex.
The adrenal medulla producesEpi & NorEpi


From Anatomy Final (by nibbs06):
Question Answer
What is the rim of the fan called?Iliac Crest
The 2 curves of the “fans rims” are called theASIS (Anterior Superior Iliac Spine) & PSIS (Posterior Superior Iliac Spine).
The ischium forms part of the Obturator foramen via itsramus (also called the ischio-pubic ramus).
The ridge along the superior rams of the pubis is, which runs laterally from the tubercle, is calledthe pectin pubis.
The fused inferior rami of the pubis and ischium (R & L) meet at the ventral medial line at aPubic Symphysis to form a Pubic Arch.
What foramen is in between the sacrospinous (inferior to) & sacrotuberous ligaments?lesser sciatic


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