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From ESF Vocab 2 (by mikegibbs):
Question Answer
Insolationthe amount of sun that is available for capture at any point on the surface of the planet
Balance of Systemaggregate components that configure working solar system: Mounting, Racking, Wires; inverter and power management; labor and inspection (pdf pg. 9)
Interconnectionactivities of a generator must be coordinated with the grids operations: interconnection rules, net metering, rate design (pdf. pg. 13)
Feed-in-tarrifsincentive where customers pay for the output of the system rather than paying for a portion of the system itself; provides PV users to feed their electricity into the grid for a preferential rate
Solar carve-outportion of the Renewable Portfolio Standard that have to be met with solar energy
Grid Paritypoint when distributed PV (photovoltaics) falls to the same level of cost as the grid electricity that displaces it


From ESF Vocab 2 (by mikegibbs):
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Demand Responsechanges the peak load of electricity consumption by applying higher prices during peak hours- make sure that demand can be managed to optimize the peak capacity needs of the electricity system when the grid is most constrained, DR is a POWER application in contrast to ENERGY application of energy efficiency
Principal-agent problem(Bad Price Signals) the burden of the principal incurring the costs of making the necessary investments for demand management
Elasticityresponsiveness of an economic variable to a change in another
Direct Load Controlcentral and automated control of the devices in demand management situations- once load hits peak, use of these devices is limited or curtailed


From ESF Vocab 2 (by mikegibbs):
Question Answer
LCOEaggregates and averages over the time period all of the costs per unit of electricity produced: metric utilities use to for the cost of electricity
Discount Ratecosts of investment or overnight costs that need to be spread over many periods require discount rate. For LCOE it measured as WACC
Asset Life(LCOE) estimated lifespan of a depreciable asset pg. 8
Balance Sheet Financerelying on the strength of one's balance sheet and available capital to make capital expenditures from their current assets or cash flow- advantage is the company can internally determine the suitability of an investment, without having to go to a third-party lender which increased the speed and decreases the risk of contracting external financial partners
Credit Enhancementreassurance to the lender that the borrower will honor obligations by, ensuring fixed revenue, insurance, or loan guarantees pg. 26
take-if-offered contractbuyer accepts the good at a pre-agreed price and a pre-agreed time
Operation Riskrisk that the asset will fail to perform cost-effectively or at all
Throughput Agreementoften for pipelines, allows for cost-sharing by proportion of use and other protections to ensure asset remains in operation


From ESF Vocab (by mikegibbs):
Question Answer
WACCthe weighted average cost of capital, derived from the cost of debt, cost of equity, and relative proportions of debt and equity; the rate that a company is expected to pay on average to all its security holders to finance its assets.
Intermittencytype of input constraint stemming from resource risk relating to genetic energies such as wind, sun, and wave sources
Debt Service Coverage Ratiocompares how much cash the project generates and is available for payments promised to lenders
Hurdle Rateminimal acceptable internal rate of return (metric for evaluating project viability)
Net Present Valuemetric for evaluating project viability: sums all cash flows and up-front investment costs


ESF- Chapter 18 (with rizaaryani)
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From Random 2 (by mikegibbs):
Question Answer
avaricen. greed for wealth
impecuniousadj. lacking funds; without money
incipientadj. beginning to become into being or become apparent


From Random 2 (by mikegibbs):
Question Answer
eccentricadj. departing from norms
impassiveadj. revealing no emotion
impunityn. immunity from punishment
querulousadj. prone to complaining; peevish
rancorousadj. long-lasting resentment


From Random 2 (by mikegibbs):
Question Answer
burgeonv. to grow rapidly
penuriousadj. excessively thrifty; ungenerous
prodigiousadj. a lot or extrodinary


From GRE Vocab 2012 2 (by mikegibbs):
Question Answer
Venerateto respect deeply
Veracityfilled with truth and accuracy
Whimsicalacting in a fanciful (over imaginative or unrealistic) or capricious (quick to change ones mind or behavior) manner; unpredictable


From 2012 Common GRE Vocab (by mikegibbs):
Question Answer
Desultoryjumping from one thing to another; desconnected
Euphemismuse of an inoffensive word or phrase in place of a more distasteful one
Impetuousquick to act without thinking


From GRE 2012 Random (by mikegibbs):
Question Answer
fractiousadj. irritable
ambivalentadj. having contradicting ideas about something or someone
prosaicadj. lacking poetic beauty
regressiveadj. returning to a less developed state; or taxing proportionately more from the needed
magnanimityn. noble in mind and heart; kindness and generous
vernacularlanguage spoken by indigenous people or architecture concerned with functional rather than monumental purposes


From GRE 2012 Random (by mikegibbs):
Question Answer
sullenadj. bad tempered and sulky
felicitousadj. well chosen or suited for the circumstances
relegatedv. consign (place) or dismiss to a inferior rank or position
petulancen. being childishly sulky or bad-tempered


ESF- Chapter 18 (by rizaaryani)
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