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if somebody dares to disrespect me, no more memorize tests. also il put your name here perhaps :)
i am not responsible for your scores (study with your own notes mostly! these tests are to help you see IF you are ready for the test. or if you suck at studying sure study with the tests)
i am not responsible if there is an error/miscommunication on my test (if you find any please tell me though)
i can't predict tests and their contents (you are free to tell me i should add, but these are purely guesses)
after i take a test, i do not change the memorize test to be accurate, because that is cheating. i can give a hint but eh
have fun and get gud


may be work in progress


Cells (by lunifer) april 30th
Animal Cell Diagram (by lunifer)
Plant Cell Diagram (by lunifer)


Substance Use and Abuse (by lunifer)

all french tests (oh oui papa...)

les-verbes-reflechis (by lunifer)
Past Tenses of French Irregular Verbs Using Avoir (by lunifer)
Past Tenses of French Verbs Using Etre (by lunifer)
Devoir, Vouloir, Pouvoir (by lunifer)
Les Sports (by lunifer)
Les Taches Menageres (by lunifer)
Faire - to do or to make (by lunifer)
le-menage-housework-sheet (by lunifer)
savoir-and-connaitre (by lunifer)
french-futur-proche (by lunifer)
aller-moyens-de-transport-les-directions-la-ville-les-prepositions (by lunifer)
La-Famille (by lunifer)
Possesive-Pronouns (by lunifer)
Possesive Pronouns-advanced (by lunifer)
Aller Test (and Places) (by lunifer)
Les Adverbes (by lunifer)
RE Verbes (by lunifer)
Vendre - to sell (by lunifer)
Perdre - to lose (by lunifer)
Descendre - to go down (by lunifer)
Les Nombres (by lunifer)
French - Christmas (by lunifer)


Past Tenses o...Etre (by lunifer)
Past Tenses o...voir (by lunifer)
Parts of a Mi...cope (by lunifer)
Geography Quiz (by lunifer)
Water Systems Quiz (by lunifer)
Past Tenses o...erbs (by lunifer)
Eating Disorders (by lunifer)
Testing (by lunifer)
Health Quiz (by lunifer)
History Test Unit 3 (by lunifer)
Europe in 1914 (by lunifer)
RE Verbes (by lunifer)
Vendre - to sell (by lunifer)
Perdre - to lose (by lunifer)
Descendre - t...down (by lunifer)
Les Nombres (by lunifer)
History Unit 2 (by lunifer)
Science Test ...uids (by lunifer)
Vendre (by lunifer)
Anterior Muscles (by lunifer)
Posterior Muscles (by lunifer)
Human Skeleton (by lunifer)
Les Adverbes (by lunifer)
Aller - Past,...ture (by lunifer)
Cities, Count...aces (by lunifer)
Health Test (...ody) (by lunifer)
Aller Test (a...ces) (by lunifer)