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quick list

hooty-hoo (by lunifer)

French Tests

general conjugation

RE Verbes (by lunifer)


French Verbs (by lunifer)
les-verbes-reflechis (by lunifer)
Past Tenses of French Irregular Verbs Using Avoir (by lunifer)
Past Tenses of French Verbs Using Etre (by lunifer)
Faire - to do or to make (by lunifer)
savoir-and-connaitre (by lunifer)
Aller Test (and Places) (by lunifer)
RE Verbes (by lunifer)
Vendre - to sell (by lunifer)
Descendre - to go down (by lunifer)
Perdre - to lose (by lunifer)
Lire - to read (by lunifer)
Devoir - to have to (must) (by lunifer)
Vouloir - to want (by lunifer)
Pouvoir - to be able to (by lunifer)

other vocabulary

Time and Duration in French (by lunifer)
Les parties du corps (by lunifer)
Les Animaux (by lunifer)
Les Sports (by lunifer)
Les Taches Menageres (by lunifer)
aller-moyens-de-transport-les-directions-la-ville-les-prepositions (by lunifer)
La-Famille (by lunifer)
Les Adverbes (by lunifer)
Les Nombres (by lunifer)
French - Christmas (by lunifer)
french-futur-proche (by lunifer)

other grammar stuff

Possesive-Pronouns (by lunifer)
Possesive Pronouns-advanced (by lunifer)
direct-and-indirect-object-pronouns (by lunifer)


Past Tenses o...voir (by lunifer)
Past Tenses o...Etre (by lunifer)
Small Talk In...ench (by lunifer)
Literary Term...ices (by lunifer)
Lire - to read (by lunifer)
Les parties d...orps (by lunifer)
Body Systems Test (by lunifer)
Latin Spelling Quiz (by coolio3dbro)
Le Baseball V...aire (by lunifer)
Male Reproduc...stem (by lunifer)
Male Reproduc...stem (by coolio3dbro)
Plant Cell Diagram (by lunifer)
Cells (by lunifer)
Animal Cell Diagram (by lunifer)
Substance Use...buse (by lunifer)
Parts of a Mi...cope (by lunifer)
Geography Quiz (by lunifer)
Water Systems Quiz (by lunifer)
Past Tenses o...erbs (by lunifer)
Eating Disorders (by lunifer)
Testing (by lunifer)
Health Quiz (by lunifer)
History Test Unit 3 (by lunifer)
Europe in 1914 (by lunifer)
RE Verbes (by lunifer)
Vendre - to sell (by lunifer)
Perdre - to lose (by lunifer)
Descendre - t...down (by lunifer)
Les Nombres (by lunifer)
History Unit 2 (by lunifer)
Science Test ...uids (by lunifer)
Vendre (by lunifer)
Anterior Muscles (by lunifer)
Posterior Muscles (by lunifer)
Human Skeleton (by lunifer)
Les Adverbes (by lunifer)
Aller - Past,...ture (by lunifer)
Cities, Count...aces (by lunifer)
Health Test (...ody) (by lunifer)
Aller Test (a...ces) (by lunifer)