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From Last min comlex (by jmanderson):
Question Answer
ARR eqq(risk ctrl / total ctrl) - (risk exp / tot exp)
RR eqrisk tx group / risk ctrl group
RRR eq1 - RR
RR eq 2x2A/(A+B) / c/(C+D)
predicted HR max220 - age (85% HRmax -> stop stress test)
finger flexor reflexC8/T1
hip flexorsL2
knee extensors (quads)L3
LE adductor reflexL3
ankle dorsiflexors (tibialis anterior)L4
nn thigh adduction, sense medial thighobturator
precocious puberty in boys mc <_ y/o and mcc is _________ 9y/o, adrenal hyperplasia
_________ or _________ is a cause of isosexual precocious puberty (early puberty appropriate for sex) in 10% of casesCNS lesion or trauma
3 mcc virilization and precocious puberty in FCAH, exogenous androgens, androgen secreting ca
secondary amenorrhea with high FSH/LHov failure
secondary amenorrhea with low FSH/LHHP dysfxn
pcos dx requires at least 2 of these 3anovulation, high androgen, polycystic ovary u/s
Gm stain w/ nothing on cervicits ptchlamydia
suspect ___ in pt w/ PID with s/sx sepsis or peritonitistubo ovarian abscess (IVF, abx, drainage)
RPR and VDRL become neg. w/ syphilis, but _________ is always +FTA-abs
std bug that can't be culturestreponema (syphillis)
h pylori gastritis in the ___ and pernicious anemia gastritis in the ___antrum, fundus


From COMLEX most missed *final* (by jmanderson):
Question Answer
renal lab of waterhouse friderichsenElevated renin
Ppx for MAC in HIVazithromycin
Child with abd pain, hematochezia, HSP, s/p URIIntussusception
Rx for neutropenic fever in chemo ptsPseudomonal abx (ceftazadime, zosyn, meropenem, imipenem, cefepime)
Testicular ca assoc. with peutz Jeghers (intestinal polyposis) and Carney’s synd (mucosal melanin spots)Sertoli cell tumors (stimulated by FSH for spermatogenesis)
Tx afib in stable WPW ptIV procainamide
Ambiguous genitalia, no uterus/ovaries, masses in inguinal canal, nL electrolytes5 alpha reductase def. (XY, elevated T, low DHT)
Infarction of 2nd metatarsal headFreiberg dz
Rx for sjogren syndromePilocarpine (muscarinic agonist)
DOC for cutaneous larval migransThiabendazole (2nd line - albendazole, ivermectin)
Tx for H ducreyi penile lesionSingle dose azithromycin, 3x dose ceftriaxone 7d, or cipro bid 3d
Tx crytpococcol meningitisAmphotericin B and flucytosine
dx: osteonecrosis of navicular tarsal boneKohler's dz
image w/u for portal HTNegd
rx for burkitt lymphomarituximab (CD20 ab, rids B cells)
+ speed's (resisted extension of forearm and flexion shoulder)biceps tendonitis
CO, PVR, and PCWP in anaphylactic (distributive) shockhigh CO, low PVR, low PCWP
CO, PVR, and PCWP in hypovolemic shocklow CO, high PVR, low PCWP
amylin analogpramlintide
abx for gonococcal arthritisceftriaxone and azithromycin
abx for MRSA copd pt w/ pna, but allergic to zosynvanc and ceftazidime
empiric UTI delerium abxvanc (GP, MRSA) and cefapime (GNB, pseudomonas)
parasite: watery diarrhea, abd pain, malaise, acid fast, food/water, immunocompromisedcryptosporidium parvum
rx crryptosporidumctrl immune suppression, nitazoxanide
parasite: fever, myalgias, periorbital edema, eosinophilia, undercooked porktrichinella spiralis
rx trichinellaalbendazole, mebendazole if CNS or cardiac sx
parasite: mild diarrhea, CNS sx (neurocysticercosis), undercooked porktaenia solium
rx taenia soliumpraziquantel for intestinal, albendazole + steroids for neurocysticercosis
dx- 5d fever followed by trunk to head diffuse rashHHV-6 (roseola)
Child with 9 d h/o fever, diarrhea, b/l conjunctivitis, sick contacts, preauricular LADadenovirus
Dx and periph smear - sz, recur skin and uri infxn, albinismChediak-higashi (AR, LYST gene), giant granules in PMNs
Tx of serum sicknessGlucocorticoid taper and H2blockers
Dx- young male with recurrent bact, vir, fungal infxn with low plt and eczemaWiskott-aldrich syndrome (WASp def), tx supp, abx, IVIG, bone marrow transplant
Infant with fatty foul diarrhea, growth failure, recurrent infxn, AML, aplastic anemia- dxshwachman -diamond syndrome (AR d/o with pancreas, bone marrow, and blood abnl)
dx lipid d/o - hepatosplenogaly, MR in infantile formGaucher’s (glucocerebroside high, def. beta-glucosidase)
Dx- partial albino, whtie forelock, hearing lossWaardenburg syndrome (AD)


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