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Stats terminology (by immysheep)
Stats+ (by immysheep)
Stats 2 (by immysheep)
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Upper body O and I (by pbloveskine...logy)
Leg muscles O and I (by pbloveskine...logy)
Shoulder Girdle (by immysheep)
Pelvic Girdle (by immysheep)
Whole Body mu...ior1 (by jamesholt55)
Whole Body mu...rior (by jamesholt55)
Hip (by immysheep)
Elbow (by immysheep)
Ankle (by immysheep)
Lumbar Spine (by immysheep)
Knee (by immysheep)
Lower 1 (by jamesholt55)
Lower 2 (by jamesholt55)
Lower 3 (by jamesholt55)
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