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From ALL 1.1 (by beatakaczorek):
Question Answer
principal paymentn phr, a payment made to pay back all or part of loan, rather than to pay interest on the loan
recessionn, a period, usually at least six month, of low ecnomic activity, when investments lose value, businesses fail, and unemployment rises; KRYZYS, RECESJA zmniejszenie aktywnosci
ship in phr v, to send something, usually a large object or a large quantity of objects or people, to a place far away; PRZEOWZIC COS DALEKO
track backphr v, to record the pogress or development of something over a period of past time; SLEDZIC WYNIKI WCZESNEJSZE


From All 1.2 (by beatakaczorek):
Question Answer
achieve an ambitionv phr, to successfully do something you wanted to do, especially after a lot of effort; OSIAGNAC ZAMIERZONY CEL
cope withphr v, to deal successfully with a difficult situation; UPORAC SIE Z CZYMS
replicate the core conceptv phr, to make or do the most important part of a business's idea again in exactly the same way, POWIELENIE PODSTAWOWEJ KONCEPCJI FIRMY
encroachv, to gradually cover more and more of an area;NARASTAC, ZWIEKSZAS POWIERZCHNIE


From All 1.2 (by beatakaczorek):
Question Answer
Private equity (selling shares in the business, but not publicly on the stock market)Sprzedaż akcji, prywatny fundusz kapitałowy
Commercial edgeN phr, an advantage over the people or businesses who are competing with you; PRZEWAGA NAD KONKURENTAMI
Customized solutionN phr, used to describe something that has been made to solve a customer's particular needs; DOSTOSOWANY DO INDYWIDUALNYCH POTRZEB KLIENTA
EnhanceV, to improve that quality, amount or value of something; WZMACNIAC, POPRAWIAC, PODNOSIC
LiaiseV, to work with someone I order to exchange information with them; WSPÓŁPRACOWAC
win new businessv phr, to succed in getting more people or companies to buy your goods or services; POZYSKIWAC NOWYCH KLIENTOW
enquiryzapytanie ofertowe
acquirev, to get something; NABYWAC
blagv, to manage to obtain something by using persuasion; UZYSKIWANIE CZEGOS PRZEKONUJAC
financial gainn phr, with the purpose or aim of making money, rather than for any other reason; ZYSK FINANSOWY


From Slowka kolos 1 (by beatakaczorek):
Question Answer
To evaluateOceniac, oszacowac
fulfilling dający satysfakcję, udany, wzbogacający
to issuewydawać, oficjalnie asygnowac
thriverozwijać, prosperować


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