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Familybasic unit of society
FamilyGroup consisting of parents and children living in a household
Societyis composed of families
SocietyWhat the heads of families make it
Householdis the heart of the community
(1) Conjugal, (2) Nuclear, (3) ExtendedFAMILY ACCDG TO STRUCTURAL ORGANIZATION
Conjugal Familyhusband and wife without children yet
Nuclear FamilyHusband, wife and children
Extended FamilyNuclear family with relatives
Authoritarian, Democractic & PermissiveFAMILY ACCDG TO FAMILY PATTERN
AuthoritarianParents make rules and decisions
Patriarchalif headed by the father
Matriarchalif the mother rules over it
DemocraticEvery member exercises his rights and assumes his responsibilities
DemocraticChildren are allowed to take part in decision making
PermissiveEvery member makes decision without any rule to consider
Homeis a place where love abides and family resides.
HomeIt is considered the father’s kingdom, the mother’s palace and children’s paradise
HomeMost attractive place in the world (Mrs. Ellen White)
Laissez-FaireLet people go on their own way with no policies
Laissez-FaireNo preparation or procedures – go with the flow, let things drift
Laissez-FairePrevents group from accomplishing much
Laissez-FaireFoster fragmentation through poor discipline and unreliability
Laissez-FaireDoes not appraise or regulate the course of events
Laissez-FaireLacks courage in making decisive plans
Laissez-FaireGives little guidance, advice or suggestions
Laissez-FaireDoes not participate with the group
Laissez-FaireGives excessive freedom as they like
AuthoritarianDetermines goals and policies and expects the group to accept them
AuthoritarianMore invested in subject matter than with people
AuthoritarianAggressive, pushy – makes decisions regardless of other people’s viewpoints
AuthoritarianDominates discussion – talks too much
AuthoritarianLeader focuses attention on him/herself
AuthoritarianGroup members are like puppets and don’t participate much
AuthoritarianFoster hosting, resistance and resentment in group
AuthoritarianDiscontent and aggressive attitudes growing among members
DemocraticAccepts the fact that leadership is the function of the whole group and not of one individual
DemocraticShare leadership responsibilities
DemocraticBelieves in other people
DemocraticCreates sense of belonging
DemocraticEnsures that members have opportunity of leadership
DemocraticLeader’s withdrawal does not mean the grp will fall apart
DemocraticPolicies are determined by grp discussion which is fostered by the leader
DemocraticSensitive to the needs of others
ALLThe kind of task to be tackled
Authoritarian & DemocraticThe quality of grp output
Authoritarian & DemocraticTime required to finish task
DemocraticMaturity Level of group members
Permissive & AuthoritarianRole of Absenteism
Democratic and PermissiveIndependence Level among members
Breadwinner, Leader & ProtectorROLES PLAYED BY FATHER
Breadwinnerprovide basic needs
LeaderHead of family
LeaderImposes rules and makes major decisions
ProtectorMakes sure family is secured and free from danger
Manager, Treasurer & Liaison OfficerROLES PLAYED BY MOTHER
Managersupervises household
ManagerPrepare meals & clothes, bathing small children, marketing & cleaning house
TreasurerBudgets income
Liaison Officersettles misunderstandings
Liaison OfficerPeace and unity in family
GirlsHelps mother in household chores
BoysHelps father in fixing
EldestAssumes heaviest responsibility
Middle ChildSecond to eldest in responsibility
Youngest ChildLighter tasks
Youngest ChildAlways center of attention

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