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antisemitisimhostility/prejudice again jews
antijudaismreligious discrimination against jews
pale of settlementregion of Russian where jews were allowed residency.
ShetleIsolated location where jews resided, they had their own gov. but were confined to there.
The Jewish QuestionWhat do we do with all the Jews?
ProgromsMass violence against a group
Social DarwinisimIdeas that humans, like animals struggle for existence "Survival of the fittest."
The "Jew count"600,000 jews in germany before the holocaust.
Blood libelThe belief that jews used christian blood is spiritual rituals.
Treaty of VersalliesThe end of WW1 (1919)
Judeo-BloshevismConspiracy that jews were the main powers of the Bolsheviks.
The Chain Of Beingeverything in the universe has a planned hierarchic order.
Reichstag fire(1933) The German parliament burned down.
Lateran treaty(1929) settled the roman question
The nuremberg lawssept. 15,1935 the first time aryan is used to describe non jews from jews
Enabling act(1933) made so that laws could be put into effect without the involvment of the Reichstag
Night of the long knivesJune 30-July 2 1934 nazi regime commited political murders
The november progromsNov. 9 1938 violent anti jewish progroms
Nisko planTerritorial solution to the jewish problem
EugenicsGood Genes
EuthenasiaGood death
Paragraph 175Prohibits homosexuality and bestiality
The beer hall putusch Nov 1923 attempt to overthrow weimer republic getting hitler arrested
Positive eugenicsGood genes encouraged to reproduce
Negative eugenicsBad genes forced to sterilize so they no longer can reproduce.
Operation reinhard campsSobibar, treblinka, belzc began annihilation of jews
German-soviet pactaugust 1939 non aggression pact between germany and the soviet union
Choicless choicesIs there even a choice?
the white roseA non violent resistance group in nazi germany
JudenrateA jewish council member that ensures nazis orders are implemented.

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