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ziagenabacavir- NRTI- sometimes fatal hypersensitivity rxn
epzicomabacavir + lamivudine
triumeqabacavir + lamivudine + dolutegravir
emtrivaemtricitabine - NRTI- severe acute exacerbation of hep B can occur when d/c patients HBV infection
truvadaemtricitabine + tenofovir
atriplaemtricitiabine + tenofovir + efavirenz
compleraemcitricitabine + tenofovir + rilpivirine
stribildemcitricitabine + tenofovir + elvitagravir + cobicistat
genvoyaemcitribitabine + tenofovir + alafenamide + elvitegravir + cobicistat
lamivudineepivir - NRTI
vireadtenofovir - NRTI- renal toxicity
sustivaefavirenz- NNRTI- fetal toxicity and CNS effects, take without food, inducer and inhibitor
edurantrilpivirine - NNRTI- meal, keep in orgininal container, SE= depressive disorders, inducer
prezistadarunavir- protease inhibitor- serious skin reactions- use caution sulfa allergy, must be given with ritonavir or cobicistat
reyatazatazanavir- protease inhibitor- severe skin reactions, acids reduce absoprtion
norvir ritonavir- protease inhibitor- primarily used as a booster agent, keep original container, capsules fridge, tablets room temp
tivicaydolutegravir- INSTI
elvitegravir INSTI- keep original container take with food
isentressraltegravir- INSTI- rhabdo

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nucleoside/tide reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs) MOADNA chain termination and halts viral DNA synthesis. boxed warning lactic acidosis.
non nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) MOAbind to reverse transcriptase and block DNA polymerase activity.
all NNRTIs causehepatoxicity and rash including SJS/TEN. methadone levels can be decresed and hormonal contraceptive levels
NRTI all require renal dose adjustment exceptabacavir
protease inhibitors side effectshepatoxicity, metabolic abnormalities, gi upset, generallyw ith food
integrase strand inhibitors side effectsheadache, insomnia, interact cations
diarrhea prostease inhibitors
lipohyperthrophyprotease inhibitors