Hitstory Quiz Chapter 3

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Question Answer
Why did the regions develop a distinct culture?Because of its inhabitants.
Colonial Expansion was what?"Great Migration" and natural increase
The English were what?Puritans, Englishman from Southern England, Quakers, and Englishmen from Northern England.
Who were Lutherans seeking freedom?The Germans
Who told the Germans to come live with them?William Penn
Who were the second largest group of Immigrants?The Scots-Irish
Who was Presbyterian?The Scots-Irish
The Africans were sent to the ______ and were sent from the ___ and ____?New World, Caribbean, South America
what is the justification of the Africans?race-based slavery
Were Africans captured by fellow___ and sold to ____?Africans, Europeans
What was the middle passage referred to?the ocean passage from Africa to the New World.
The colonies were considered what?"melting pot"
The Colonists Spread out into what?rivers, and wilderness trails
What is the Great Wagon Road?the main north-south highway
What did the Wilderness road go through?Cumberland Gap
What are the two Wilderness Trails?Great Wagon Road and Wilderness Road
Why did economy grow in colonies?increase of population

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