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Question Answer
When did American Civil Rights movement happen?1960
When did freedom rides happen?1965
When was it ruled that the Aboriginals should have equal pay?1966
When did the Waverly Hill Strike/Walk off happen?1966
When did the referendum that helped Aboriginals happen?1967
When did people of Wave hill get their land rights?1975
When was the temporary triangle drawn?1933
When were all Aboriginals allowed to vote?1963
When were Aboriginals counted in the Census?1967
When was Hitler appointed chancellor?January 30th 1933
When was the Enabling Act passed?March 23rd 1933
When were all political parties apart from Hitler's banned?July 14th 1933
When did Hitler use the Enabling Act to combine the position of Chancellor and President?August 1934
What was the combined role of Chancellor and President called?Fuhrer
When was the Night of the Long Knifes?1934
How long did the Night of the Long Knifes go on for?3 days
How many articles were there in the Enabling Act5

Enabling Act

Question Answer
What was the First article of the Enabling ActLaws can be passed by the government
What was the Second article of the Enabling actLaws passed do not have to adhere to the constitution
What was the Third article of the Enabling actLaws passed would be drafted by the Chancellor
What was the Fourth article of the Enabling actThe government can make treaties with foreign states, without consent from the Reich
What was the Fifth article of the Enabling actThis law applies immediately