History Unit 6 People

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AugustusNephew and adopted son of Julius Caesar. He established the principate, the imperial system of government, also called the empire.
TiberiusBorn to Augustus’ wife Livia, and her previous husband. He was emperor when Jesus was crucified.
CaligulaThe emperor who nominated his horse for consul among many other instances of insanity.
NeroAdopted by the Emperor Claudius. He was the first Roman emperor to order a persecution of the Christians.
TrajanA Spanish soldier who was adopted by Nerva and succeeded him as emperor. He was respected for his care for the poor and for his “reform” of the persecution of Christians.
Marcus AureliusThe last of the so-called Good Emperors. He was a stoic philosopher.
Diocletian As emperor he reorganized the principate, dividing the empire into eastern and western territories and dividing the rule of each into separate offices, Augustus and Caesar.
St. PolycarpChristian martyr and Bishop of Smyrna who had been a disciple of John the Apostle.
St. IrenaeusBishop of Lyon and disciple of St. Polycarp. He is considered a Father of the Church and Apologist mainly for his work against heresies.
St. Justin MartyrA Father of the Church and Apologist. He used philosophy to defend the Christian faith.
OrigenTheologian and biblical scholar who defended the Christian faith using the philosophy of Plato. He tended toward the rigorist heresy of the Novatians.
AriusHeretical priest who taught that the Son of God isn’t equal to the Father
St. AthanasiusArchbishop of Alexandria. Defended the orthodox Trinitarian doctrine against the Arians
Theodosius The last Roman emperor to rule both East and West. He declared Christianity to be the official religion of the empire.
St. JeromeBiblical scholar who translated the Bible into Latin, called the Vulgate.
St. AmbrosePagan lawyer and Roman governor who became Archbishop of Milan by popular acclaim. Excommunicated the Emperor Theodosius
St. AugustineBishop of Hippo. Father and Doctor of Grace. Refuted Manichaeism, Donatism, and Pelagianism. Wrote the Confessions and The City of God
StilichoMaster of the Soldiers (Magister Militum) and guardian of the emperor Honorius
AlaricChief of Visigoths when they Sacked Rome
Pope St. Leo the GreatPope. Saved Rome from Attila the Hun. Convinced the Vandals to spare the citizens of Rome when they sacked it.
Attila the HunChief of the Huns. Led the Huns in invading Europe. Was defeated at the Battle of Chalons and turned back at Rome by St. Leo the Great.
GensericChief of the Vandals. Led them in the sack of Rome.