History Unit 4 D

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Section 1

Question Answer
George McClellanunion general; commander of army of potomac; appointed general-in-chief of all armies
Edward Cross5th New Hampshire group
Quaker Gunscannons that didn't shoot; south had them
Battle of Seven Pinesended northern advance; Joe Johnston injured so Robert E. Lee takes over
Who wore a red bandana to battle? Edward Cross
How many days did Lee attack army at seven pines? 7 straight days
What was the bloodiest battle so far?Shiloh
Why does Lee invade the north?to show them the hards of war

Section 2

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Antietamsingle bloodiest day of war
Bloody Lane a.k.a. Sunken Roadunion troops did make their way through
Vicksburgmain target; last city on the Mississippi River
Emancipation Proclamationfreed slaves, done for military reasons, & makes war about freeing slaves
Keiser Burnoutconfederates burnt big thicket forest to get unionists to run out
Bushwackersomeone who ambushes opponents
July 4, 1863Grant wins Vicksburg; south now divided

Section 3

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Gettysburglargest battle ever fought in North America
Little Round Top2nd turning point of war according to Derks
Pickett's Charge2nd turning point of war according to historians
3 Areas that saw most action 1st day of GettysburgMcPherson's Ridge, Oak Hill, & Barlow's Knoll

Section 4

Question Answer
"March to the Sea"William T. Sherman to scare Georgians into abandoning confederate cause
AppomattoxRobert E. Lee surrenders to Grant
Scott vs. Sanfordslaves are property can be brought to free states & still be slaves
Panic of 1857economic event; north suffers, south does not
Senate Campaign of 1858Douglas vs. Lincoln; Douglas wins
Freeport Doctrinedefense of popular sovereignty
Harper's Ferryraid by John Brown to seize Virginia armories

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