History Unit 4 C

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Question Answer
Robert Braswellgrandfather owned Mim's place
Star of the West ship that shot at South Carolinians
South Carolina1st state to seceed in Dec. 1860
Georgia seceeded in Jan. 1861
How many states seceed before Lincoln in office? 7
Confederate States of America7 seceeded states; Jefferson Davis president

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Confederacystrong state govt
President Buchanandid not stop states from seceeding
Senator John Crittendenput 6th amendment to protect slavery
"Black Lincoln"called this because he didn't comment on the amendments
Ft. SumterLincoln supplies fort with food and supplies
Robert E. Leebecame commander of the confederacy
Border StatesDelaware, Maryland, Kentucky, & Missouri

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Nathaniel Lyonbrought troops to Missouri to chase Governor
Wilson's Creek Battlelargest battle west of Mississippi River; confederates won
Northern Strengthspopulation, industry, railroads, & leaders
Northern Weaknessesunsure of purpose & generals
Southern Strengthspurpose, cotton, generals
Southern Weaknessespopulation, area, industry, railroads, leaders, & cotton

Section 4

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Northern Anaconda Planstrategy to win for north
Defend Everywherestrategy to win for south
Billy & Sam Braswellprotect Alabama coast
Major Sullivan Ballouwrote letter to wife before his death
Amateur Armiesbattle of bull run fought by these
General Bernard Beesaid rally behind "Stonewall Jackson"
Skedaddlerunning away in war
Battle of Bull Rungave southerners belief they could win war

Section 5

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Fremontgeneral with republican support
Ben Butlergeneral with democratic support
ScimmelfenigGerman who Lincoln appointed as general
McClernandunder Ulysses S. Grant
Copperheadsnorthern democrats who do not support the war; a.k.a. peace democrats
Radical RepublicansCharles Sumner, Thaddeus Stevens, & Salmon Chase

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