History Unit 4 B

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Section 1

Question Answer
David Wilmontno slavery in new territories we got from Mexico
Squatter Sovereigntypeople who go out west should decide slavery issues
Free Soil Partywhite men deserve this new land
Popular Sovereigntya.k.a. squatter sovereignty

Section 2

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Sutter's Mill1848
Gold Rush 1849
Gold Mountainwhat Chinese called the United States
Daniel Websternationalist; wanted California to be a free state
John C. Calhounstate's rights
Personal Liberty Lawsnullified fugitive slave laws
Fugitive Slave Lawsowners can look for escaped slaves in free states

Section 3

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Uncle Tom's Cabinwritten by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Simon LeGreeowner of Tom; beat Tom to death

Section 4

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Dough FaceNorthern men with Southern sympathies
Kansas-Nebraska Actrepeal of Missouri Compromise
Bleeding Kansascaused fights between 2 groups in the state
Border Ruffiansfrom Missouri; pro-slavery
New England Emigrant Aid Companyanti-slavery
Henry Ward BeecherBeecher's Bibles
Pottawatomie MassacreJohn Brown took 5 men out of homes & killed them

Section 5

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Sumnerabolishinist of Massachusetts
Mr. Butlerhad stroke
Brookshit Sumner with cane until it broke

Section 6

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Germanscame to escape oppression
IrishCatholic; left cause of potoato famine
Nativisman irrational fear of foreigners
Edward E. Crossjournalist; hated Catholics

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