History Unit 4 A

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Section 1

Question Answer
Manifest Destinybelief by Europeans that they were gonna spread all over entire continent
Kit Carsonexplorer famous for fighting Indians
NarbonaNavajo Indian
Anne Whitekinapped by Apache; dead when Kit Carson got to her
Sante Fe Trailtrade with foreigners discouraged

Section 2

Question Answer
William Becknell"Father of the Sante Fe Trail"
Castoreumfemale beaver scent
Kit Carsonbeaver trapper
Pathfinderswrote down their adventures
Jedediah Smithliterate & mapped the west
James Beckworthex-slave; wrote lies about his adventures
Jeremiah Johnsonsought out Crow Indians and ate a man's liver

Section 3

Question Answer
Rendevousmoved shop to a place for monopoly; St. Louis
Singing GrassKit Carson's 1st wife
Joseph Chouinardkilled by Carson
Bent's Old FortCarson's new job after retiring from trapping
John C. Freemont1st Republican nominated for president; "The Pathfinder"
South Passarea to get through
Overland Traila.k.a. the Oregon Trail; led to gold rush

Section 4

Question Answer
ComancheGreat Plains Indians
"Centaurs of the Plains"Comanche
"Lords of the Southern Plains"Comanche Indians
Mormansmoved west to avoid Christian persecution
Navajoin the west
Dinetahwhere the Navajo lived
Hoganhouses for Navajo
NarbonaNavajo chief
Manuel ArmijoGovenor of New Mexico; traitor

Section 5

Question Answer
Gente de Razonpeople of reason
New Mexicohad more Spanish settlers than anywhere else
Sheep#1 livestock of New Mexico
Mexicansmade the Indians slaves
Josefa CarsonKit Carson's last wife

Section 6

Question Answer
1844 ElectionHenry Clay vs. James K. Polk
Polkwon presidency; was gonna annex Texas
John Tylerannexed Texas before he left office
$30 millionamount offered by Polk for California & New Mexico
Nueces Stripdisputed area of Texas
Zachary Taylorleader of American army
Pueblo Indiansbetrayed Mexican allies & joined Americans

Section 7

Question Answer
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgowould get New Mexico; got California; paid 15 million; Rio Grande now border between 2 countries
Ostend ManifestoAmerica should annex Cuba
Slavery Crisishelped to end Manifest Destiny
"Long Walk"Navajo Indians had leave their reservation along Pecos River

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