History Unit 2

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Iron Road 1

Question Answer
what were Nova Scotia and New Brunswick promised?an intercolonial railroad connecting them to Ontario and Quebec
when did British Columbia join Canada?1871
what was British Columbia promised?a railroad within 10 years connecting them to Eastern Canada
what was one of the biggest problems that the railroads caused for Macdonald's government? raising money for construction
who was Hugh Allen? a wealthy Canadian investor
what did Hugh Allen want and how did he get it?the contract for the building of the railway to British Columbia, donated $360,000 to the Conservative party (bribing)
what was the incident with Hugh Allen and the Conservative part called?The Pacific Scandal
which party was John A. Macdonald in? Conservative
which party was Alexander Mackenzie in? Liberal
who is Alexander Mackenzie?prime minister who surpassed Macdonald in new election
what happened to the railroad after the new election? not much progress was made on it

Iron Road 2

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