History Unit 2

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Iron Road

Question Answer
what were Nova Scotia and New Brunswick promised?an inter-colonial railroad connecting them to Ontario and Quebec
what year did British Columbia join Canada?1871
what was British Columbia promised?a railroad within 10 years connecting them to Eastern Canada
what was one of the biggest problems that the railroads caused for Macdonald's government? raising money for construction
who was Hugh Allen?a wealthy Canadian investor
what did Hugh Allen want and how did he get it?the contract for the building of the railway to British Columbia, donated $360,000 to the Conservative party
what was the incident with Hugh Allen and the Conservative party called?The Pacific Scandal
which party was John A. Macdonald in? Conservative
which party was Alexander Mackenzie in? Liberal
who is Alexander Mackenzie?prime minister who surpassed Macdonald in new election
what happened to the railroad after the new election? not much progress was made on it

Iron Road

Question Answer
why did British Columbia threaten to leave the union?the railroad they were promised 'obviously' wasn't going to be finished by the end of the 10 year deadline
who replaced Mackenzie after he left office?Mcdonald returned to power
who was Andrew Onderdonk?an American who was contracted to oversee the building of the BC railroad
what was Onderdonk's first priority in building the railroad?cheap and quick
why did Andrew Onderdonk hire chinese labourers instead of canadians?they were cheaper and more willing to work in dangerous work conditions
the stretch of 615 km between Eagle pass and Port Moody took _ years and _____ people7 years, 15 000 people
what was used instead of dynamite?nitro-glycerin
what was a nickname for Chinese labourers ?navvies
what year was the Canadian Pacific Railway Company was finally assembled? 1880
who also oversaw the railroad?Cornelius Van Horne

Iron Road

Question Answer
what was one of the greatest challenges that faced builders?finding a way to build through the Rocky Mountains
the construction of the railway almost caused a conflict who?the Native people of the west (the blackfoot ppl)
when did Father Albert Lacombe avert the war with the Blackfoot people?1883
how did the government avoid conflict with the native people?they promised the Blackfoot natives additional land (in return for using their land to build the railway)
some small stretches of the railroad were $ ________ per milehalf a million
when was the railroad finished?1885

Trading with Native Peoples in the west

Question Answer
how did the white traders take advantage of the native people?prey on their alcoholism
what did white traders trade with the natives?whiskey
the trades were _____unfair

Residential Schools

Question Answer
where were native people forced to live?reserves
what kind of ceremonies were banned?traditional ceremonies
children were _____ from their familiesremoved
children were forced to live at _____ _____residential schools
the government believed the parents were failing to _____ their children properlyraise
in most cases, parents were not allowed to _____ their kids at the schoolsvisit
the children were ______ without parent's permissionbaptized

Residential Schools

Question Answer
what kind of skills were the children taught?hands on skills such as house hold chores, farming, and trade
what were the children forbidden to do?speak their native language
how did the school staff treat the kids?abused and beat them
how was the food?scarce and often rotten
what medical experiment was performed on the students?an experiment to study the effects of new preservatives in food
3 main deaths of the students were...illness, abuse, suicide
what century did the schools continue to operate?20th century
when did the last school close?1996
when did the government actually apologize for the residential schools?2008

The North West Rebellion

Question Answer
how long did the rebellion last?3 months
what year was the rebellion?1885
who is Louis Riel?a metis guy with a history of helping protests and rebellions
why was this rebellion happening?the north west territories lacked direct political representation from the federal government
what groups of people did the prairie residents includewhite settlers, metis and plains indians
who petitioned Ottawa for years for legal claim of their land?the metis of Saskatchewan valley
what did the white settlers of the territories protest?they were waiting for property titles that were necessary to obtaining loans and improving their farms
what did the native people protest?accused the federal government of not respecting the indian treaties
what did the metis protest?the metis believed canada failed to protect their rights and land

Louis Riel Returns

Question Answer
where was Riel for 15 years?the us
what rebellion did he previously lead?the 1869-70 Red River Resistance
why did Riel flee canada?involved in a prisoner's execution

Louis Riel

Question Answer
first, Riel took the _____ route in the rebellionpolitical
how did he first try to get Ottawa to pay attention to the protests?sent a petition to them outlining the grievances of the metis and white settlers
who did Riel try to convince to join him (failed)prairie natives
what did Riel believe he was?a prophet from god sent to lead his people

Rebellion erupts

Question Answer
when is this happening1885
what did Riel formhis own government and a small military force
Riel's followers and the government troops _____fought
what happened to the support of the white settlers?riel lost their support
was Riel able to get the support of the prairie natives?no not really
who won in this rebellion?the government, the metis lost
_____ Canada wanted Riel executedEnglish
_____ Canada wanted Riel to only go to prison for lifefrench
what was Riel arrested for?high treason
what determined if they could execute him or not?whether he was sane or mentally ill
Louis Riel was ______ in the endexecuted