History Test Unit 3

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The Boer War

Question Answer
what were used to maintain control of and collect taxes from European colonies?navies
which territory did Britain mostly have control over?South Africa
who resisted Britain's domination in South Africa?the Boer people
who were the Boer people?descendants of the Dutch people who immigrated from Holland
where did the Boer people live? some parts of South Africa
what was the ancestry of most Canadians? British ancestry
what was the Canadian government publicly pressured to do? join Britain in their fight against the Boers
what did Britain want to do the Boer people? take over their territory and suppress their attempt to stand up against them


Question Answer
who was the Canadian Prime Minister during the time?Wilfrid Laurier
what did the battalion sent to South Africa to fight consist of?7000 soldiers and nurses
how were the soldiers and nurses picked to be sent to South Africa?they were all volunteers
when did the Boer war begin?1899
when did the Boer war end? 1902
what crime was first done by Britain in this war?using concentration camps
why was the Boer war important for Canada's growth?soldiers from this war would become military officers in World War I

Pre World War I Years

Question Answer
which two countries were predicted to have conflict?Britain and Germany
what were Dreadnaughts?big, steam-powered ships with thick armor and powerful guns
how did Britain try to pay for their ships?had a series of conferences with former colonies including Canada, sent Canada a list of expectations
what were Britain's expectations for Canada's assistance?Canada would supply soldiers, maintain and loan warships, and send money for Britain's defence
what was Canada's compromise?Canada would make its own navy and warships that could be loaned to Britain, only volunteers could serve

European Alliances Before World War I

Question Answer
Triple AllianceGermany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
Triple EntenteGreat Britain, France, Russia

World War I

Question Answer
when did World War I start?1914
who is Franz Ferdinand?the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne who was visiting Serbia
who was assassinated?Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie
what organization was the assassin from?The Black Hand
where did the assassination take place?Sarajevo, Serbia
who did Austria-Hungary blame for the assassination?Serbia (for letting it happen)
what did Austria-Hungary do to Serbia?waged war on them
which country mobilized its army to defend Serbia?Russia
what happened after Russia challenged Austria-Hungary?Germany declared war on Russia
what happened after Germany declared war on Russia?France was allied with Russia, so France and Germany declared war on each other
which neutral country did Germany invade for a route to Paris?Belgium
what happened after Germany declared war on France and invaded Belgium?Britain declared war in defense of France and Belgium
what happened after Britain joined the war?Britain's colonies joined as well
when did Italy join the war?1915
did Italy stay aligned with Germany and Austria-Hungary?no lol
which countries did the USA sell weapons/supplies to?Britain, Russia, France
when did USA join the war?1917
when did World War I end?1918


Question Answer
who was the person that Russian citizens were in the process of overthrowing?their leader, Tsar Nicholas II
what did the soldiers of Russia do during the revolution?returned from war to take part in this major moment in history
when did the Russian Revolution happen?1917
how did the Russian Revolution change Russia?turned Russia into a communist country and the biggest nation in the Soviet Union