History test of Chapters 6-8

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Question Answer
who was the leader of the green mountains boys?ethan allen
Patriot army quartermaster that replaced Horatio GatesNathaniel Greene
declared he had, “not yet begun to fight”.John Paul Jones
British officer who lost at SaratogaJohn Burgoyne
Capture frontier outposts.George Rogers Clark
wrote common senseThomas Paine
Revolutionary war ended in1783
Victories at ________ and ________ gave new hope for the war.Trenton and Princeton
trained colonial army while stationed for the winterBaron von Stueben
Father of the ConstitutionJames Madison
plan created only a legislative body for governingArticles of Confederation
attempt to persuade people to ratify the constitutionThe Federalist papers
oraganized survey and sale of western landsNW ordinance 1785
adding new states NW ordinance 1787
guarantees added to constitutionBill of rights.
original building in Philadelphia where they met to discuss the constitution Independence Hall
the city where they met to discuss the constitution Philadelphia
large state plan. Virginia Plan
small state plan. NJ Plan
interpret lawsJudicial Branch
leader of constitutionGeorge Washington
system to elect President, protects the popular vote Electoral College
first paragraph of constitutionPreamble
negotiated with England and SpainJohn Jay
Washington’s CabinetRandolph, Knox, Hamilton, Jefferson
Judiciary Act was in 1789
George Washington as president-2- terms did what? established cabinet, placed hand on Bible took oath for office
Responsible for quasi-warXYZ affair
Farmers upset about whiskey taxWhiskey Rebellion-Penn
helped settled differences with SpainPinckney treaty
opposition to Alexander HamiltonThomas Jefferson
officially ended warTreaty of Paris
cannon’s and ammunition brought from ft. TiconderogaBoston freed from British
Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold together captured fortFort Ticonderoga
colonists failed to gain Quebec during this battleQuebec attack
clear sign that the colonist wanted peace with BritainOlive Branch Petition
In the Revolutionary War Colonist expected Canada to join forces to beat who the british
In the Revolutionary War United States received land between appl. Mts. And Mississippi river for winning war
After the revolutionary war and Declaration of Independence what? still most were not in support of breaking from Britain.
who was in charge of the Yorktown battle Cornwallis was in charge

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