History Test - October 1, 2015

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Question Answer
Who were the first to arrive in the Americas?Native Americans were the first people who came to America. Vikings - went to Newfoundland.
How did they arrive?The Land Bridge, formed over Asia when the seas froze during the Ice Age.
Why did the Natives face so many problems upon the arrival of the Europeans?The Natives were pushed out of their territory and the population decreased due to disease. They were also enslaved after their territory was taken over.
What were some characteristics of the Maya, Aztec, and Incan societies?All three were sophisticated civilizations, ahead of their time.
They had mathematicians, astronomers and calendars.
What were some characteristics of the Mayans?Mayans were in Central America and had step pyramids.
What were some characteristics of the Aztecs?The Aztecs were in Mexico and did sacrifices.
What were some characteristics of the Incans?The Incas were in Peru and made roads and bridges to connect their empire.
Explain why the Scandinavians did not establish permanent settlements?No colonies were interested in giving the Scandinavians their land and they preferred the sea.
Explain Columbus’ voyage to the New World.Ferdinand funded the expedition and Columbus’ goal was to reach the East Indies, but thought the earth’s size was three times smaller than what it actually was.
What did Columbus call the Natives and why?He thought he reached the Indies after a month of sailing, so he referred to the people as “Indians.”
Define encomienda.System in which Indians would work in the farm and become Christians (slavery on plantations).
Define conquistadors.Spanish conquerors, including Pizarro and Balboa.
Define natives.Were scared, enslaved and faced diseases.
Define the Columbian Exchange.Giving the Old World/Europe products discovered in the New World (corn, potatoes, tobacco, beans, peppers, pumpkin). The Old World gave the New World animals, cabbage, sugar, fruit and diseases.
Why did the English look to the new world?God, Gold, Glory.
JamestownGiven a charter by King James.
Three ships of one hundred men arrived in Chesapeake and most died due to starvation or other mysterious reasons.
John Smith saved Jamestown, saying “Those who don’t work, don’t eat.”
Who captured John Smith and who saved him?After being kidnapped by Powhatan, he was saved by Pocahontas.
Who was the governor of Jamestown?Lord De La Warr wanted to fight Natives.
MarylandA religious refuge for Catholics. Jews were persecuted.
What was the Maryland Toleration Act?God = Divinity. Guaranteed religious freedom to all Christians.
Created at the demand of the colony's large population of Protestants.
Wanted to “purify” and reform the Church of England.
Only visible saints were to be members of the Church.
Wanted to break away from the Church of England/Anglican Church, because the “saints” were with the “damned.”
CalvinistsPredestination (those who are going to heaven or hell were already determined by God.)
Process of conversion was five steps.
Worked hard to prove their worthiness.
Describe the Mayflower Compact.Set up their own self-government for the Plymouth colony, signed on the Mayflower boat in 1620.
Describe the Virginia House of Burgesses.First legislative body in colonial America. Another step toward self-government.
Who were Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams?Outspoken Puritans who found the colony of Rhode Island.
What was Anne Hutchinson outspoken against?Challenged predestination (Calvinism).
What did Roger Williams do?Founded the first Baptist Church and said all religions had rights.
Henry the 8th broke ties with the Catholic church.
Describe the New England family, economy.Strict and disciplined.
Longevity, due to favorable climate conditions.
FEM (Family Education Marriage).
Why did the Quakers settle in the New World?They settled in the New World to avoid any religious persecution in England.
Refused to pay their taxes.
What were the Quakers against?War and violence.
How was the colony of New York settled?Originally New Amsterdan.
The Dutch West India Company bought Manhattan from local Indians for a very small fee.
What company bought Manhattan away from the Indians?The Dutch West India Company.
Describe the Transatlantic Slave Trade.A triangle (Europe, Africa, Western Hemisphere) to get more workers.
Describe the Middle Passage.Route to send slaves from West Africa to the Americas.
New World ProductsBeans, corn, PPP (potatoes, peppers, pumpkins), tobacco.
Old World ProductsAnimals, cabbage, sugar, fruit, disease.