History Test Chp 15

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Question Answer
Men forced to serveArmies
Gettysburg Address Lincoln
First Battle of Bull Run Union over Confident
Who was assassinated in Ford's theater? Lincoln
Who lost election in Illinois Lincoln
Who was McClellan's opponent in 1864 election? Lincoln
When was Lincoln's election? 1864
What would have allowed the Southern states to keep slaves if they quit fighting Emancipation Process
Who paid immigrants to serve for themmSome men
First Modern War Civil war
Lincoln said, I could not spare this men...Ulysses S. Grant
Who captured forts along the Mississippi River Ulysses S. Grant
Took command of Northen Virginia Robert E. Lee
Who worked with Grant Philip Sheridan
Told to let the valleys be so that the crows have to carry their own rationsPhilip Sheridan
Forage liberally on the country William T. Sherman
Mississippi was spinal cord to America William T. Sherman
March to SeaWilliam T. Sherman
Nebraska-Kansas Act Stephen Douglas
Leading black abolitionist Frederick Douglas
Gave orders to stop supplies at Fort Sumter Jefferson Davis
Judged and said Missouri compromise was invalid Roger B. Taney
Liberator William Lloyd Garrison
Won 1865 presidential election James Buchanan
Wroet Uncle Tom's Cabin (influential) Harriett Beecher Stowe
Helped slaves escape the SOUTH Harriet Tubman
Came out groups opposing slavery Republican slavery
Lincoln's running mate in 1864 Andrew Johnson
Battle of Gettysburg a famous confederate attackPickett's Charge
Assassinated Lincoln John Wilkes Booth
Lee's men lost cigar wrap before battle with plans Antietam
Lincoln could give Emancipation Process Antietam
Battle was no picnic for those who sat to watch First Battle of Bull Run
Invaded General Popes headquarters J.E.B Stuart
Invaded General Popes headquarters...J.E.B Stuart Second Battle of Bull Run
South win the battle, but lost StoneWall Jackson Chancellorsville
Union army took it and brought starvation and surrender Vicksburg
Who Union army took it and brought starvation and surrender Grant
Admiral David Farragut led win New Orleans
Lee's surrender Appomattox Court House
South problems Inflation with money, Decreased need foe cotton, Shortages on many items
North's strategyNaval Blockade, Capturing Richmond, Gaining control of the Mississippi
Emancipation Process FailGave north greater incentive to win, Prevent Britain from joining war against north, Encourage slaves to leave masters
Innovations Ironclad ships, Aerial views from balloons, Coordination of troop movements,
Activities of soldiers during Civil War Bivouacking, Marching,Waiting in camp
Northern Generals Grant, McCellan, McDowell
Start of Civil War Women working, Farm production increased, Growth of private groups
Who were not allowed to join the Union army until Emancipation Process Black
Lincoln was elected---Congress held of on making war plans
Lincoln gave Gettysburg address at the what dedication of a cemetery
South Carolina Secede

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