HISTORY Test Chapter 9-10

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Question Answer
When was the judiciary act?1801
In the judiciary act of 1801, most midnight judges served?No...they never served.
Who repealed the judiciary act of 1801?Thomas Jefferson
What was the Tripolitania War?sailing rights in the Mediterranean sea
What religion where the AfricansMuslim
In what coast where the Africans (Muslims)Barbary coast.
Who was intending to invade North America after selling Louisiana purchase?Napoleon
For how much was Louisiana sold?15,000,000 miliion
Why did the Indians attack the settlers?because of losing land to them
Who many terms did Madison served?2 as president
Controlling great lakes allowed who to what?America to drive British out.
What was the plat form of William Henry Hudson?Tippecanoe vs. Tyler 2
Who was the Hero of tippecanoe?William Henry Hudson
Who won he most popular vote and electoral vote but lost election of 1824?Andrew Jackson
Who was the one who won the battle of horseshoe?Andrew Jackson
Who was the one who defeated British in New Orleans. Andrew Jackson.
Who lost the election of 1824?Andrew Jackson
What did Hazard Perry say?"We have met our enemies, they are ours."
Who explored the Rockies?Zebulon Pike
Who explored the Missouri River Meriwheter Lewis
who explored the missiouri river and was the first person to see grizzly bears?meriwether lewis
Who was the first person to inaugurate in D.C.?Thomas Jefferson
Who did Thomas Jefferson tried to impeach?the federalist judges
Thomas Jefferson didn't want to accept the Louisiana Purchase constitution because he didn't give authority?true
Who deals with sailors and impressment?The U.S. chesapeake
The war of 1812 would've been better if the what was better?communication
What were the American trade harmed?Berlin and Milan decree, Embargo Act of 1807, and British orders council
The berlin and milan decree was where ?France
Where was the Embargo act?the south and north
Aaron Burr's career ended because he killed who?Hamilton
Tripolitan war gained respect towards who?the United States and around the world.
who was the tribute charged by?the Barbary states
who prohibited free trade?Embargo
Who was the leader of France who sold Louisiana (LA) purchase?Napoleon
Who helped Napoleon to sell LA (louisiana)Tallyryan
who defeated at Tippecanoe Tecumesh
who was a guide Sacajawea
who served in congress after being presidentjohn quincy adams
who was the creole liberator in south americasimon bolivar
who was secretary in state in 1824henry clay
old hickory andrew jackson
Served as VP under john quincy adams and Andrew jacksonjohn Calhoun
who stopped immediate threat of european intervention in the americasjames monroe
who created the Monroe doctrine james monroe
the government by 1 rulerautocracy
what was autocracy dictator
closed meeting with own party?caucus
what did the Missouri compromise establish 36 degrees 30 as boundary
what was known as the slave statemissouri
who were people who were half indian and half european mestizos
what was known as selling and transporting goods from one state to anotherinterstate
what is mudslinging making malicious statements about opponenets
power to tax is power to destroy/power of gov. over states McCollouch vs. Maryland
refuge for runaway slavesFlorida
what state was bought for 5 million dollars florida
who layed claim to much of pacific coast of North AmericaRussia
the tarrif of 1828 was also called by southerners..?the tarrif of abomination
who decided the outcome of election of 1824congress
the democratic party revolved around who?andrew jackson
who did andrew jackson wake over Kentucky
what was the american system? henry clay payed for internal improvements (roads, canals, lighthouses)
what was the era of good feelings when george washington was president
what was the election of 1828?mudslinging, banners, testimonials, parades.

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