History Test Chapter 18 and 19

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Question Answer
what war was short and inexpensive? Spanish American War
What was had soldiers that dies from disease than war?Spanish American War
Spain allowed what country to suffer from exploitationCuba
In what battle did no soldiers died? Battle of Manila
What is called the evidence that Spain blew up the ship and there is no where to be found USS Maine
Who ended the call on voting to end Spanish American War Senate
The Senate ended the call on voting to end what? The Spanish America War
Who tried to pull US into war Cuban Revolutionaries
Sent out by Theodore Roosevelt Great White Fleet
Who fought for the Independence of the Philippines Emilio Aguinaldo
Secretary of state devising foreign policy plan John Hay
Who was the Army Doctor Walter Reed
Who charged up San Juan HillTheodore Roosevelt
Engineer who battled mosquitoes William Gorgas
Found New sources for peanut George Washington Carver
Idealist democrat who became president Woodrow Wilson
Founder of Tuskegee Institute Booker T. Washington
CORRUPt NYC political bosstweed
ran for president in 1908 when Roosevelt decided not to Taft
money diplomacy taft
appointed to preserve forests giford pinchot
exposed the evils of meatpacking sitnclair
Famous Agnostic Ingersoll
wrote down the origin of species charles darwin
president and third party for president theodore Roosevelt
most responsible for building the panama canal theodore roosvelt
progeressive presidents taft roosevelt wilson
progressive era woman's suffrage, income tax, phrobition
state government became more democratic initiative recall referendum
roosevelt's progressive activities included: conserving land in national parks, adoption of food and drugs, intervening in labor disputes
progressives looked for help to solve socities problmes government
muckrakers book the bitty cry of the children, the shame of the cities, history o the standard oil company
notable trends in religion growth interdenominational religious organizational, the rise of religious liberalism and agnosticism, growth of the mainline denominations, new cults