History Test Chapter 16 and 17

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Question Answer
Injunction stop a strike
Trust business combined together
Materialism money and possessions
Sole proprietorships business owned by one person
Partnershipbusiness owned by two or more
American Federation of laborlocal unions/ skilled labors
Central Pacific Railroad built eastward across the sierra nevadas.
Knights of labor older union open to all workers
Great N. railroad transcontinental line built in northern U.S.
what did the irish built in 1860's Union pacific railroad
China provided what many immigrants with jobs in the west
formed first trust john d. rockerfeller
american federation of labor samuel gompers
Cornelius Vanderbilt consolidated railroads in the NE and US
Sherman Anti Trust act stop trusts
forced irish immigrants to come to america potato famine
Andrew Carnegie huge empire of steel
developed important electrical devices/light bulb thomas edison
Immigrants increased americans population
required gov to buy silver Bland Allison Act
Nevada gold and silver mine Comestock Lode
illegally staked land in Oklahomasooners
landset aside for indians reservations
source of gold in black hillshomestake mine
young cowboys wranglers
By products bones, hides, other parts of animals
Oliver H kalley's framers organization Grange
Homestead act gave 160 acres
Utah first transcontinental railroad completed Promontory Point
abandoned mining townsghost towns
first practical barbed wire joseph glidden
Oklahoma before it opened its settlement Indian territory
Killed at the battle of Little Horn George Custer
3 groups that conquered the frontier cowboys, homesteaders, miners
built meatpacking comapny in chicago Philip Armour
government used to back money supply gold and silver standard
sioux medicine man Sitting Bull
Famous out laws billy the kid, jesse james, black bart
furthered industries that aided the development of the west philip armour, gustavus swift, joseph glidden
Great Plains characteristics it was home for many indians, received small amount of rain, extremely hot in summer, cold in the winter
American ine genuity brought large numbers of patetened inventions
social darwinism survival of the fittest
Urban area experienced growth
there is no pure capitalist economic system
several transcontinental railroads were built in west in 1800's
Railroads before and after the civial war were not connected
after 1800's immigrants coming to america were not only protestant
early business in US were not corporations
Railroads received money plus land from who from what government..track they laid