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dis is mostly for me (this test is extremely frustrating for others probably) if you don't likey, make your own (easy) or edit (you won't actually edit this version, you'll make your own copy which you can do whatever you liek)
history is difficult to translate to because other than dates, the other things are events that go in order and crap, and its more complicated then memorizing french

frustration in colonies

Question Answer
when is all this shenanigans happeningearly 1800s
of the east and west, which one was populated and developed and which one was not so populated and difficult to reach?east was populated, west not so much
what was rupert's land a territory in british north america,
what space did rupert's land takea massive section of the middle of the colonies from quebec to alberta
what was the war of independencea war the US fought to take power from britain and become it's own country
main reason americans wanted a new system of gov.?wanted a democracy (leaders elected by citizens to represent them)
why were elections importantthe leaders realized that if they treat the citizens like poopoo, they wouldn't re-elect them next time
who could votewhite mans (what a surprise)
britain chose a _____ and _____ for upper and lower canadagovernor and council
what were the only positions that canada could electan "assembly" (no actual power)

the colonists take action

Question Answer
when is all these shenanigans happeningby 1830's
the frustration between upper and lower was reaching a ______ leveld a n g e r o u s
what did lower canada form to challenge the "corrupt" governmentparti patriote
how did britain react to the canadas giving them suggestionsrekt them and didn't listen
what did upper canada form to challenge governmentlist of complaints called "the report on grievances"

canada east vs canada west

Question Answer
when is all this shenanigans happeningearly 1840s
what is canada east and canada westcanada east = lower canada, canada west = upper canada
canada east and canada west were _____ into 1 ______combined into one province
which was greater, english speaking peeps or french speaking peepsenglish (far greater)
why did canada west want "representation by population" while canada east didn't??more populated area = more gov representatives, canada west has lots of ppl = more reps and power
name the politician that led canada westjohn a macdonald
name the politician that led canada eastgeorge etienne cartier
differences between canada west and east?west spoke english, was protestant, wanted representation by population. east spoke french, was catholic, didn't want dat
why couldn't the two sides of the gov decide on anythingboth had equal number of gov reps, vote always ended on 50/50 (wow)
was combining canada east and west coolno it failed
what are feniansirish terrorists from usa

the civil war

Question Answer
when was the shenanigans (civil war) happening1861 - 1865
how many soldiers died in the civil war625 000
what did the northern/union army wantto keep the states together and stop slavery
who led the northern/union armyabraham lincoln
what did the southern/confederate wantto leave the usa and continue owning slaves
first few years of the war, which side was successful and who led themsouthern side, general robert e. lee
who defeated general lee (was on northern side)general ulysses s. grant
how did confederate losethey surrendered

the great coalition

Question Answer
three people that formed "the great coalition"?john a macdonald, george etienne-cartier and george brown
what was goal of the great coalitionturn canada west and canada east into the dominion of canada (and maybe some other parts of brit north murica)
why didn't canada east rlly like the great coalitionmight lose their french-catholic culture by joining with the others
why didn't atlantic colonies rlly like the great coalitionthey were already successful with trading, wanted to maybe build their own country
how were the atlantic colonies convinced to join the klubthe other politicians promised to build railroad so the atlantic colonies can ship their shit to big cities and the west
what's "the charlottetown conference" and when did it happenthe first conference, septermber 1864

the dominion of canada

Question Answer
was charlottetown conference successfulyes very
where was the next conference heldquebec
the leaders agreed on having two houses of government which were..the house of commons and the senate
how would the house of commons be filledrepresentation by population
how would the senate be filledthey would be appointed but needed to be reasonably balanced from all areas of canada
did pei and newfoundland joinnot yet
what was the final step of canada's birthget approval at british parliament (yey)
when was the dominion of canada bornjuly 1st, 1867
what did queen victoria do to john a macdonaldknight him

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