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Africans & Chinesemay have made it to America before Columbus
Vikings & Basque(from Northern Spain) fishermanhad already explored parts of America

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Migrations from Asia to Western Hemispherepursued megafauna like Wooly Mammoth & Giant Beaver
Migrations from Asia to Western Hemispherecrossed land bridge

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ClovisIndians who hunted megafauna 14,500 years ago(Paleo-Indians)
Athabascansmigrate & adopt (Southwestern Indians)
Hohokamresponsible for irrigation (Southwestern Indians)
Mongollanknown for pottery (Southwestern Indians)
Anasazicliff dwellings (Southwestern Indians)
Folsom Huntersused atlatls

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Paleo-Indiansclung to Eastern face of Rocky Mnts
Atlatlwooden stick used as extension of hunter's arm
Olmec Heads proof that Africans visited Mexico
Mother Culture or Mother Civilizationolmec heads

Section 5

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Teosinteclosest relative to corn
Warcaused corn to disperse north
3 Sisterscorn, beans, & squash
Asprin & IpecacIndians introduced to settlers

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Acoma Pueblo"Sky City"; Spanish invaded and cut off left foot of men
Adena1st of mound builders; built burial mounds
Adenalived in Ohio River Valley
HopewellSerpent Effigy Mound
Mississippian built villages on these mounds
Cahokiabiggest of Mississippian mounds

Section 7

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Columbian Exchangeanimals devastated the New World; plants damaged ecosystem
ExtractionSpanish; gold & silver
ExploitationSpanish; labor & slaves
King's Fifthking gets 1/5 of gold,etc...

Section 8

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Hernando De Sotodiscovered the Mississippi River
"Shatter Zone"S.W. United States disease everywhere
Francisco Vasquez de Coronadofound Seven Cities of Cibola
Tiwa WarCoronado lived with Indians & Spanish; raped women
"Turk"Indian who led to now Great Plains; killed by Coronado

Section 9

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Sante Felast stop for Coronado
De Sotomissed gold in Appalachians
Coronadomissed silver in Tombstone, Az

Section 10

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Lost ColonyRoanoke Island; North Carolina coast
Jamestown1607; 1st permanent English settlement
Virginia Companyjoint-stock company; lured by God, Glory, & Gold
Headright System1616; given 50 acres to every indentured servant to come to America
Indentured Contractserve 4-7 years as laborer in return for passage to America
Freedom Duesonce service complete, given land, tools, seeds, & animals; no voting rights
House of Burgesses1st legislative body formed in North America

Section 11

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John Smithsaid "work or starve"
John Smith mapped coastline
Powhattanchief; father of Pocahontas
Pocahontas10 years old when she met Smith
Pocahontasmarried John Rolfe

Section 12

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Tobacco"staple"; used as currency in Virginia & Maryland
Trinidadtobacco was from here
Virginia1619; slaves arrived to work the tobacco
Marylandfounded in 1634 by Lord Baltimore
Catholicsmore likely to get estates over Protestants

Section 13

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Nathaniel Bacon's Rebellion1676; moved Indians out of land for newly freed indentured slaves
Nathaniel Bacon's Rebellionled to African slaves; they are less likely to rebel

Section 14

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Puritanismproduced by Protestant Reformation; wanted to purify the Church of England
Puritistsdon't work hard for $; work to become elect
Visible Saintselected to go to heaven
Seperatistsleft from Holland

Section 15

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John Calvinall humans weak & wicked; "sanctified lives" led by predestined
Martin Lutherwanted to reform the Church of England

Section 16

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Pilgrims1620; negotiated with Virginia Company to settle north of Jamestown
Mayflower Compactset of rules to obey
Somoset & SquantoIndians who showed pilgrims how to grow maize
1621First Thanksgiving

Section 17

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John Winthropbecame Governor; wrote why Puritans should go to America
Great Migration11,000 in 1st 10 years
A City on a HillAmerica
Vacuum Domiciliumlands not occupied could be taken
Doctrine of DiscoveryChristains trump non Christians
Governor Winthropcalled democracy the "meanest & worst" of all forms of govt
Earthly Pleasureslaws against kissing in public, etc...

Section 18

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Roger Williamsbelieved in seperation of church & state, to protect church
Roger Williamsfounded colony of Rhode Island
Rhode Islandknown as colony of "otherwise minded"
Anne Hutchinsonbanished to Rhode Island for preaching
Half-Way Covenant1662; all people accepted to church

Section 19

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Salem Witch Trials1690's; 20 people executed
Yankeesmerchant, con from New England
Quakersoffended by religious & civil rule
William Pennfather of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania"best poor man's colony"
Pennsylvaniamodel for states to come

Section 20

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Barbadosideal for sugar cane
Barbados "The Jewel in the Crown" (British Empire)
Charlestown, South CarolinaBarbados colonists came to here

Section 21

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Pequot-Puritan War1636; Indians caught in middle between Putitan colonies & enemy Indians
Wampumshells used for currency
Chief Sassacuschief of Pequot Indians
Mohegan & Narragansettsjoined the English in war
UncasMohegan chief that had Pequots killed
"King Philip's War"1675; Wampanoags tribe; war over cattle
Metacomchief of Wampanoag Indians

Section 22

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1607Jamestown founded
16141st Powhattan war ended
1616Headright System
1619African slaves arrived in Virginia to work tobacco farms
16211st Thanksgiving
1622347 settlers, including John Rolfe, killed
1634Maryland founded
1636Pequot-Puritan war
1662"Half-way Covenant"
1675"King Philip's War"
1676Bacon's Rebellion
1693Salem Witch Trials end

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