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Where was Upper Canada located?parts of Ontario and bit of USA, in the west
Where was Lower Canada located?mostly in parts of Quebec,in the east
How was Upper Canada Created?old colony of Quebec in 1791
How was Lower Canada Created?constitutional art in 1791
Who were John and Elizabeth Simcoe?married couple, (E) was a diarist, (J) was a lieutanant, (E) also wrote a famous diary about colonists and the early history of canada in 1775

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What caused the American Revolution?The Loyalists chose or were forced to leave the Thirteen Colonies and settle down somewhere else. The amount of migrated Loyalists gradually increased throughout the war and after the war ended.
Who were fighting in the American Revolution?British and colonists who were against their rule

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When did loyalists come to Canada?between 1783 and 1784
Where did they settle?Nova Scotia, Long Point, Grand River, Cape Breton, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Shelburne, Quebec,Sorel, Gaspe,Thames River, Niagra Peninsula, Bay Quinte, St.Lawrence River, and Nova Scotia.

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Challenges loyalists had in Canada?Gaining land grants, clearing it, planting crops, and building their homes. They only had a couple of tools and very little knowledge about where they lived and about what their surroundings were like.
Did all loyalists face the same challenges?Not all Loyalists faced the same challenges. All of them ran away to Upper Canada which is still a British Colony, some participated in the revolution war on the British side, some started their new life and started fresh.

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Who were the loyalists?American colonists
What did they do?farmers, labourers, and tradespeople.
Where did they come from?New England,Dutch, Swedish, English, German, Scottish, Irish, Scottish, French, German, Scotland, and England

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How did they affect French?the French wanted the loyalists to follow the rules and religion but the loyalists did not agree with that.
How did they affect English?they were asking the english to help them find a way to resolve their problems.
How did they affect First Nations?some of the loyalists settled in the Ohio Valley, the First Nations did not like that and thought if they were fought against there would be more land for the First Nations

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