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When was foot binding banned?1911
What were education opportunities in 1930?1% illiterate, couldn't read simple letter. 30% males
What was schooling pre-communist China?45.2% males, 2.2% females
When was the new marriage law? 1950
what percentage of brides were 16-17 in 1946-49?18.6
what percentage of brides were 16-17 in 1958-65?2.4
what percentage of arranged marriages were there in late 40s?30.6
what percentage of arranged marriages were there in 1966-760.8
How many divorce petitions were there in 1953?1.4 million
In beijing how many kids were sick?90
How many work points were men limited to?10
How many work points were women limited to?8
in Hunan what happened?Female workers were forced to work naked
In Guanzho what happened?2 party secretaries raped 34 women
In 1958-66 what percentage of party cadres were women?8-12
In 1970-74what percentage of party cadres were women?16-21
How many members were there in the women's association?76 million
1929-49, what percentage of rural girls received a primary education?38
1959 onwards, what percentage of rural girls received a primary education?100
When was the advert for skilled women, and impetus by offering USSR edu?Feb 1951
When was pinyin introduced?1955
What type of education prevailed before communist ruleliberal arts
What were minpanlocal run by people schools
In 1951-52, how many people attended the winter schools?42 million
by 1958, what percentage of population was illiterate still78
How many people attended primary schools from 1949-57 increased?26-64 million
How did uni admins fare in 1949-58Quadrupled
In 1952-58, how many russian teachers were there?600
what percentage of subjects were technical in 1953?63
When did Mao announce the political qualifications were more important that educational qualifications for teachers?September 1958
When was the half-work half study day introduced?1960
When did Mao critisise education system with 'too much studying'1964
When did Mao reform the edu system after failures of great leap forward?May 1959
When was Mao's Cultural revolution policy?May 1966
What happened after his early education policiesstill elitist, nepotism prevailed, Urban over rural
Why were the minpans ineffective?Party cadres barely educated
What happened to education in the cultural revolution?schools closed, students travel to beijing for mao rallies, struggle meetings for teachers
What was education like before mao?Rote learning, confucian and elitist
what was health like before Mao?medival and herbal mystique
how did party eliminate typhus, cholera and small pox?Didn;t spend money of expensive cures, prevented them. sanitation classes
What was life expectancy in 194936
what was life expectancy in 195757
how many barefoot doctors were there in 19731 million
In the 60s how many med students were graduating each year25,000
When was the four olds campaign?August 1966
What organisation did Jiang Qing belong to?CCRG
How many performances of opera were allowed under Jiang Qing?8
play in favour of jiang qing?Red detachment of women
How many catholics and protestants were there in 1949?3 million catholics, 1 million protestants
What was religion like before maoConfucian and ancestor worship
Why didn't Mao like religion'politically dangerous' and it was controlling, contradicted his teachings
How many religious leaders we in september 1949 NPCC meeting7
When was RAD set up that attacked christianity?Jan 1951
How many protestant missionaries were there in 1949?3000
How many protestant missionaries were there in April 1952<100
How were leaders of protestant church pressuredPatriotic church movement and three selfs
How did Catholics respond to RAD, patriotic churchmovem. and three selfsRefused to embrace, dissented
How did Mao attack Catholics?Surveillance, libel and slander
how many catholics were there in Jan 19513222
How many catholics were there in Nov 1953364
Why was Islamic Association of China set up?As armed rebellions were effective and regime ordered to be more respectful
When was Xinjiang offered full autonomy?Oct 1955
How did regime attack islam despite autonomyreligious curriculum denounced, religious land redistributed
What were attacks against islam in cultural rev?Self denunciation; eat pig, imams tortured
What happened to buddhists?'parasites' land redistrubuted
Why were CCP scared to attack muslimsSoviet minorities links and powerful friends bordered such as Pakistan
How did Tibetan Buddhists resistGuerilla Warfare
How were Buddhists treated in cultural rev?denounced as one of four olds, generation of monks and nuns wiped out


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