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History Review Complete

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Question Answer
what are the factors affecting exploration?advances in technology and science and increase in wealth.
reasons for exploration?finding new trade routes, desire for products from the far east, and profits
what was Columbus's motivation?find new route to the Orient, and spread the Christianity while combating the spread of Islam
who was their sponsors?Fendinand and the Isabella in Spain
what happened in 1492?la Nina, La Pinta, Y la Santa Maria arrived to the Bahamas.
who was one of the first people to realize that Columbus discover a land?Amerigo vespucci
who was the one who explored florida and searched for the fountain of youth?Juan Ponce de Leon.
who discovered the Mississippi river?Hernando de Soto
who discovered the golden cities in Cibola In the american South West?Francisco de Conoradp
what is the oldest inhabited city in the USA since 1565?St.Agustin
who where Spanish rivalry?John Cabot and the Sea Doga
Sir Francis Drake was a what?Most imporatant Sea dog and the first englishman to circumnavgate the world
what happened in 1588?The defeat of the Spanish Armada allowed the english to control north America.
what the father of the New France?champlain
what are the english reasons for colonazation?provide land and economic opportunities, prevent Spain form establishing in North America, increase England's wealth.

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