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idc about this
they might be wrong because taking notes was chaotic, and im just getting some things
this is mostly just for me to study... try to decipher if you wish
if you think this sucks (it does) then make your own or edit it and make your own version so i can do it and not fail
you dont need to get everything, just the gist of it right?? but everyone bombed the last test so who knows.
she said we dont need to know years


"lets do stations! ok that takes too long, lets do presentations! that also takes too long ok everyone take two periods to take a quiz worth of notes while tripping on each other"

what caused tensions to rise

Question Answer
what is fortress louisbergits a fortress built by the french on nova scotia. it was meant to be a trading and fishing centre and also the largest military base.
what were the impacts of forts on the nativesthey were often on the natives' territory
why was the ohio river valley so importantit was long used by natives as a transportation route. both french and british wanted control of the route, bcuz trading.
how did fortress louisberg, overlapping land claims and the ohio river valley increase tension (rustle everyone's jimmies)the fortress was seen as a threat to the british and scared them, overlapping land claims made everyone compete for land, ohio river valley was fought over by the brtish and french

fur trade significant??

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whats imperialisma country extending it's power and influence by creating colonies or conquering other countries (ex french having colonies in new france)
what were motivations in the fur tradenew france colonies needed more ways to sustain themselves, and fur trade was a large source of income for both france and new france
why was it a good idea for french ppl to develop relations with nativesfirst nations had larger population, french would benefit from business relationship, they depended on natives to acutally get furs ,etc (also good for miltary allies in war)
what makes fur trade historically significantit was the link between natives and british and french , was a reason why british and french competed, fur trade helped new france sustain themselves, almost killed all the beavers

treaty of utrecht

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what is a treatya treaty is a formal agreement between countries, often signed to end war. a treaty may also define borders and ownership.
whats the treaty of urtechta treaty between britain and france to stop fighting and chill
what did france give up signing the treaty of utrechtsome land (newfoundland, parts of acadia (nova scotia), etc
describe the trading relationships between france, britain and first nationsfrance and britain were in competition for the trade, first nations believes trading with the british would benefit them


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what are acadians (they never told us this lol)acadia is nova scotia, so acadians are the french ppl who lived nova scotia
why did acadians have to leave their landthe british told them to swear an oath if they wanted to stay, but the acadians didn't, so bye bye

treaty of portsmouth

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what was the treaty of portsmouthit was an agreement that britain wouldnt build in wabanaki land, and to stop the wabanaki from attacking britain
what happened after the treaty of portsmouthbritain was a snek and kept building in wabanaki territory, and wabanaki attacked britain again (treaty was a big dump)
what was father rale's wara series of battles between wabanaki and british

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