History quiz over slides 13-17 chp 9

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Question Answer
What was the purpose of the Lewis and Clark Expeditionmake careful studies on the geology, botany, and zoology of the region, gather information on natives they met, search for the source of the Missouri River, report on any commercial possibilities, seek evidence of British soldiers or forts
what is a guide?Sacagawea
what were the accomplishment of the Lewis and clark expedition?discovered countless plants, animals, and Indian tribes, spurred interest in the West
How many expeditions did the Pike expedition have?two
what did the first expedition consist on?searched for the source of the Mississippi
what did the Second expedition consist on?explored Spanish-held territories
Who were the ones in war?Great Britain and France
On the war of Great Britain who came between to give money by trading with both?United States
What did the USA do so they can trade with Britain and France?sought to capitalized economically
What did the war developed to?a stalemate