History quiz cpt. 21

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Section 1

Question Answer
Clinton's health care reform plan died without ever coming to vote in congresstrue
president clinton opposed new gun-control lawsfalse
clinton's americorps program put students to work improving low-income housing, teaching children to read, & cleaning up the environmenttrue
in 1995 the federal govt. was shut down after president Clinton was impeachedfalse

Section 2

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a problem Clinton faced in trying to reduce the federal deficit was that is was not easy to cut funding for ________ because so many people relied on thementitlement progam
choose the statement below that most accurately describes Clinton's impeachmentclinton was impeached on charges of perjury & obstruction of justice
during the Clinton presidency, US troops served as peackeepers inhaiti
despite strong opposition from the republicans and the national rifle associataion, the democrats in congress passed a gun-control law kown as the brady bill
the Reagan administration's amnesty program of 1986 was intended to solve the problem ofunauthorized immigration
american public opinion spilt over whether unauthorized immigrants should be allowed to send their children to public school
the USA patriot act of 2001 put immigration under control ofthe deparment of homeland security
which of the following was a result of the immigration of 1965immigration from non-european countries soared

Section 3

Question Answer
allowed people fleeing communism entry into the US as refugeesMcCarran-Walter act
punished employers who hired illegal immigrantsimmigration reform & control act
one of the states with the highest populations of foreign-born residentsIllinois
result of immigration policy that favored the children, spouces, & parents of the US citizens migration chains
country from which many legal immigrants cameindia

Section 4

Question Answer
In the '70's, teh federal govt. began deregulating the _______ industry, leading to the rise of competing phone companiesT-com
in 1977 Stephen Wozniak & Steve Jobs introduced the Apple 2, the 1st practical & affordable _______ for personal usecomputer
by '07 over 1billion people worldwide were regularly communicating via the ________internet
several nations agreed to phase out the the production of the CFCs after seeing evidence of a hole in the _________ layer above antarcticaozone

Section 5

Question Answer
as Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak were creating apple, 19yr old Harvard dropout Bill Gates co-founded microsoft to design PC software
the telecommunications act passed in 1996 changed the telecommunications industry byallowing cable companies to offer telephone service
what had its roots in a computer networking system established by an agency of the US defense departmentthe internet
the goal of the kyoto protocol was toreduce carbon dioxide emissions worldwide
what would be an advantage of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from factories & power plants?the increase in average world temps. would be stopped

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