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Who explored modern day New York, and allowed the dutch to claim the region?henry hudson
what was new york's system?mercantilism
what is mercantilism?an economic system that measures wealth by the amount of gold and silver a nation possesses.
who was the governor of the colony responsible for buying manpeter minuit
what are recipents of large grants for bringing 50 settlers to the new world?patroons
who was a tryannical governor of new netherlanpeter stuyvesant
what did the duke of york received?new netherland
who governed new jerseysir George carter and lord john berkeley
who gave Sir george and lord john New Jersey?duke of york
new jersey is supposed to be a cheap land, full religious liberty, and self-goverment
what are the quakers known forsociety of friends
what are the Quakers pacifists, human equailty
who founded pennsylvaniaWilliam peen
what was Pennsylvania's purposeto be a quakers religious haven

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