History of Psych Exam 4

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Wilhelm Leibnitzproposes monadology and extentions
Johann Friedrich Herbert threshold of consciousness
Fechner responsible for field of psychophysics, iceberg metaphor
Juan Luis Vivescalls for the humane treatment of people with disorders
Philippe Pinellooks for causes of disorders, says they have natural causes and can be treated with natural science
Dorthea Dixsays the same as Vives, says it to state legislatures
Benjamin Rushopens the first psychiatric clinic in the US, first for sedation techniques


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Franz Anton Mesmerbelieved the human body had a magnetic force; could cure nervous disorders
Charcothypnosis is the way to treat psychotherapy and have medical terminology
Janethysteria can be explained by psychic reasons (memory impairments, fixed ideas, and the unconscious)
Patzesuggested to talk to kids when they get a sex drive (3 yrs)


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Anna Freudgave defense mechanisms a more precise definition, contributed her analyses to children, and expanded the role of the id, ego, and superego
Klienobject relations theory; relationships we have affect our personality
Jungunconscious has two parts; personal and collective; came up with archetypes
Adlerindividual psych, social interest, superiority/inferiority, and style of life
Horneybasic anxiety, basic hostility, idealized self-image
Eriksonexpanded Freud’s ideas in 4 ways, 8 psychosocial stages


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Kantmental states are composed of pieces arranged meaningfully through perception
Machperceptual constancies (shape constancies)
Ehrenfelsform qualities
Jamescannot break down consciousness; stream of consciousness
Bretanoact psych (focus on mental activities, not elements)
Lewinfield theory, life space, motivation (Zeigarnik effect), social psych (social fields)

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