History of Photo Final

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Question Answer
Walker Evansphotographed victims of depression
Dorothea Langephotographed for the FSA
Gordon Parksdirector of the film "Shaft"
Berenice Abbottwas a darkroom assistant for Man Ray
Henri Cartier-Bressonfather of modern photojournalism
Robert Doisneaufrench reportage photographer
Robert Frankbest known for his book "The Americans"
Lisette Modelphotographed vanity, insecurity, and loneliness
Diane Arbusknown for contemporary documentary photography
Garry Winograndknown for portrayal of American life in the early 60's
Mary Ellen Markphotographed female mental patients
Weegee, (Arthur Fellig)photographed violent crimes, disasters, and their survivors
Alfred Eisenstaedt known for his work in LIFE Magazine
Margaret Bourke-Whitephotojournalist and industrial photographer
Elliott Erwittwas a photo assistant in the US Army
W. Eugene Smith spent 3 years documenting Pittsburgh
Ralph Morsephotographed for LIFE Magazine
James Nachtwey documented wars, conflicts, and social issues
Horst P. Horstphotographed women and fashion for Vogue
Arnold Newman he was an influential portraitist
Richard Avedon photographed models full of emotion
Irving Pennknown for fashion photography
Helmut Newton known for controversial photos
Yousuf Karshphotographed royalty, Popes, and presidents, etc.
Bill Brandtproduced distorted nude images
Harry Callahanphotographed his wife over a 15 year period
Aaron Siskindphotographed nature and architecture
Duane Michalsmerges writing and photography together
Arno Minkkinenknown for black and white nude self portraits
Abelardo Morrell his photographs bring the outside to the inside
Elliot Porter his work was used to promote nature preservation
Richard Misrachphotographs the American desert
Emmet Gowinphotographed his wife, Edith, and her family
Keith CarterHis work was centered around his home state, Texas.
Cindy Sherman photographed herself impersonating others
Nicholas Nixontook portraits of old and ill people
Barbara Krugerincorporates large text-base messages into her photos
Yasumasa Morimuraknown for computer-processed self-portraits
Annie Leibovitzknown for portraits of celebrities
Joyce Tennesonknown for nude portraits
William Wegman photographs dogs
Robert Mapplethorpehad controversial photos showing homosexuality
Nan Goldin photographed drag queen contests
Gregory Crewdson photographs American homes and neighborhoods
Sally Mann criticized for nude photos of her kids
Lee Friedlanderknown for photographing contemporary American environment
Les Krimsonly person whose photos caused a kidnapping
Andres Serrano photographs corpses
Joel-Peter Witkinmakes strange photos with unusual models and body parts
Graciela Iturbideher work explores women's roles in Mexico
Mariana Yampolskyimportant photographer of Mexico
Lauren Greenfieldphotographs youth culture (especially that of girls)