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History Of Nco Corps

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Question Answer
1.Who is the 1st Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff (SEAC)?SGMWilliam Joseph Gainey.
2.When did the 1st Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairmen Joint Chiefs of Staff (SEAC) assume the position?October 01, 2005.
3.What grade is the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff (SEAC)?The SEACholds the grade of E-9 and is equal in seniority to the Services SEAs.
4.How many SMA have there been?13.
6.Who was the first Sergeant Major of the Army?Sergeant Major Willion O. Wooldridge.
7.What year was the Sergeant Major of the Army Established?1966.
8.The Sergeants Major Course began in what year?1973 (January).
9.The history of the Noncommissioned Officer began in what year with the birth of the Continental Army?1775.
10.Who wrote the "Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States", also commonly called the "Blue Book" and thus standardized NCO duties and responsibilities in 1778?Inspector General Friedrich von Steuben
13.During what year did the War Department make the first reference to noncommissioned officer chevrons?1821.
14.What publication published in 1829 provided instructions for training of noncommissioned officers?The Abstract of Infantry Tactics
15.The 417 page unnoffical publication called the Noncommissioned Officers Manual, was published in what year?1909.
16.During what year did the symbol of NCO rank, the chevron, rotate to what we would today call point up and become smaller in size?1902.
18.During what year did the AR 350-90 establish army-wide standards for NCO Academies?1957.
19.In 1958 the Army added two grades to the NCO Ranks, these pay grades would "provide for a better delineation of responsibilities in the enlisted structure". What were the two new pay grades?E8 and E9.
20.During what year did PLDC first become a mandatory prerequisite for promotion to Staff Sergeant?1986.

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