History of microbiology

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Question Answer
first wrote about oberservations under microscope in mid-1600sRobert Hooke
Father of microbiologyAnton van Leeuwenhoek
why mb faded after Leeuwenhoekmicrobes just a novelty, theory of spontaneous generation
spontaneous generationliving things from inanimate matter
rotting meat experiment to disprove maggots don't spontaneously generateFrancesco Redi
Fermintation and pasteurizationlouis pasteur
final proff to discredit spontaneous generationswan-neck flast (microbes in air get caught in neck
germ theory of diseasemicrobes responsible for infectious disease
anthrax and Koch's postulateRobert Koch
Koch's postulates 1same microbes present in every case of disease
Koch's postulates 2microbes isolated from tissues of dead animal, pure culture prepared
Koch's postultes 3microbes from pure culture inocculated into health animal, disease reproduced
Koch's postulates 4identicle microbes isolated and recultivated from tissue specimens of experimental animal
foundations of MB established, importance of microbes establishedgolden age of MB
knowledge about importance of DNA, genetic engineering, more complete understanding of genesAge of moelecular genetics
Isolated DNA for 1st timeJohann Fredrich Meischer
Discovers DNA linked to traitsOswald Avery
proved DNA is molecule of heredity, used microbes in experimentsHershey and Chase
used E. coli and virus, showed DnA was transferredHershey/Chase experiment