History final

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Section 1

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Muhammadtraveled to Medina in 622, prophet of Islam, destroyed Kaaba
Spread of Islam easy conversion, limited power,united movement
Sunni Shiite conflict Who should be Muhammads predecessor, Sunni - elected Shiite - family member
Quran Holy scripture
Umayyadsclan against Muhammad
Abbasidsthird caliphate
House of Wisdom, intelectual center

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rise of kingdoms in Africa gold and salt, slave, connections with muslims
How African kingdoms were affected by Islamic empire and islam Pilgrimage to Mecca brought trade, Conversion was done through African trade routes, Africa converted or mixed religions
Trade in East African trading states trade ports, no central authority, language and religon, Arabs, Ivory and animal hides
Gold in Africa desired by other civilizations
Masa Musa King who led Hajj to Mecca
Swahili collection of city states

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Leonardo da vinci Mona Lisa and Last Supper, renaissance man, Human form
MIchelanglo Renaissance man, Sculpture of david,
Raphael Italan renaissance, School of Athens,
Donatello early renaissance, Saint Mark, mastering human form
Italian art mythology, perspective, linear, fresco,
Northern art portraits, attention to detail, oil on panel

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Phillip IIruled during golden age, Catholic, Dutch republic,
Louis XIV spent 30 years of rule at war