History Exam II Review

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how was the u.s. ranked prior to the civil wara third or 4th world country
when relative to the civil war did the gilded age happenafter, in 1870s-about 1900. civil war was 1861-1865
3 presidents of the progressive eraTR Taft Wilson
Nicknames for TR and why policeman because he didn't mind using force to maintain or extend our place in the world
why was wilson called the preacher in foreign affairshe believed it was our God-given duty to teach everybody else in the world how to behave
what did Wilson call his belief that it was our God-given duty to teach everybody else how to behavemoral imperative
why had the U.S. always wanted to dominate latin americaso it could have the title as the most powerful nation in the western hemisphere
what was a message to europemonroe doctrine
what did the monroe doctrine basically say about europewe will no longer be involved in your affairs so don't get involved in ours
what about the monroe doctrine shows that british wanted us to be the most powerful in western hemispherethe doctrine was co-written by british foreign minister and our secy of state
how did the progressives change latin america's attitude towards usthey went from liking to hating us

episodes w/ latin america

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why was building a canal in panama consideredit was difficult to move vessels from one great ocean to another
what was the plan that france proposed in the 1890s w/ colombia's permissionto slice a canal through panama through a collective effort w/ british and us
around 20th century who pulled out of the panama canal plan first and whyfrench because they started to run out of money
why did the british pull out of the panama planthey were fighting a great war
what did Roosevelt basically say in a speech in response to colombia not letting the U.S. be a lone builder of the panama canalhe encouraged the people of panama to separate into their own country
what did panama do after Roosevelt encouraged them to become their own countrythey rose up against colombia
when panama became an independent nation, why wasn't it really an independent nationu.s. basically ran everything
what did we do in 1920's to apologize for encouraging the revoltsent colombia 23 mill
why did panama dislike us after their independencewhat we said was independence is not what they thought was independence
why was venezuela in debtduring its nation building, a lot of european countries gave them money but they couldn't turn profit to pay them back
what did venezuela finally do when they got too deep into debtthey declared that they owe too much so they owe nothing through repudiation
what was the response to venezuela's declaration of repudiationthe european countries assembled their navies to threaten venezuela into paying the debt
why did TR disapprove of all the navies threatening venezuelahe thought that the act of all the european navies in latin american water was a violation of the monroe doctrine
how did TR solve the venezuelan debt problemhe sent american agents into venezuela to pay back the europeans with venezuelan money
what is the term for TR's action of maintaining the monroe doctrine and getting rid of the european navy vesselsRoosevelt Corollary
what does the Roosevelt Corollary saythe u.s. has the right to intervene to stop european intervention
how did the Roosevelt Corollary redefine the monroe doctrineit took the doctrine from defensive to offensive
in what war did we help cuba rise up in revolution and declare independence from spain the spanish american war
who was president when we helped cuba declare independence from spainmckinley, (before roosevelt's time)
what was the catch that we attached to cuba's constitution when we declared them independentthe platt amendment
what did the platt amendment saywe get u.s. naval base on cuba soil forever & if there is ever a threat to cuba's gov't. we have the right to step in and protect it
what in our past makes it hypocritical for us to put a catch on cuba's independencein 1783 when we wrote the treaty of paris which defined us as an independent nation, france did not put a catch on our independence even though they helped us
what is our u.s. naval base in cuba calledguantanamo bay
who was pres. when the whole independence under a catch thing for cuba occurredmckinley (not roosevelt even though he later had a role cuba)
in 1905 what did intel sources tell Roosevelt about cubathat there were rumors of a possible revolution
what was TR's response to intel of the rumors of cuba's revolutionhe put the platt amendment into effect
how did TR enact the platt amendment in cubahe sent u.s. forces to take over cuba and run it for the next 3 years
in the 3 years that the platt amendment was being enacted in cuba, how did u.s. run cubamartial law style
which other country just like Venezuela got deeper and deeper in debt in the process of nation buildingNicaragua
in what manner did taft react to all the navies in latin american water threatening nicaragua after their repudiationhe was a business man so he called a bunch of rich guys to the white house to buy up Nicaragua's debt so Nicaragua will owe u.s. all the money
in what way has taft maintained the monroe doctrinethrough economic power
after u.s. bought Nicaragua's debt what happened in their revolutiona bunch of guys rose up and took over the old govt to make a new govt
what did new nicaraguan govt say about their debt to u.s.the debt belonged to the old govt and since they are the new govt, they don't owe us anything
what was taft's response to Nicaragua's new govt refusing to pay the debt to ushe sent u.s. forces & took over nicaragua, marines stayed in nicaragua for 12 years, nicaragua hated us

Wilson & Mexico

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why does mexico have 2 independence daysone from spanish overthrow, the other from french overthrow
after throwing out the french, when mexican nation building began, who took over mexicoPorfirio Diaz and his rich friends
what group ran mexico after throwing out french and which group was in povertyelites ran mexico while the vast majority of people were in poverty
when did mexican people finally overthrow Porfirio Diazin early 20th century after 40 years of governement
after mexican people overthrew Porfirio Diaz what did he dohe got away and went to Europe, leaving mexico in poverty
after Porfirio Diaz's 40 year reign, who replaced himAn honest reformer named Madero who wanted to make mexico like the promises in its constitution
why did other countries not want Madero to fix anythingthey were making so much money off of mexico
who shot MaderoHis friend named Huerta
What was u.s. embassador to mexico's message to pres wilsonhuerta is a very bad man and if we try to do something about him, it could unit the mexican people behind him and we would lose all the american investment money
what was Wilson's response to our embassador of mexico's messagewe will not recognize a government that came in with blood on its hands
how did Wilson try to get rid of Huertaby lifting the traditional arms embargo because he believed the people would arm themselves and rise up
what was the fire arms embargo and what did wilson do after lifting itit had always been illegal to send firearms to mexico but wilson changed that and flooded mexico with arms
other than lifting the fire arms embargo, what did wilson do about Huertasent forces to seize the mexican port city of Veracruz in hope of crushing mexico's economy
after veracruz fell and u.s. took control of the port city what happened to Huerta's gov'tit collapsed
who replaced Huerta after his govt collapsedCarranza, a reformer
why didn't Wilson like Carranzahe thought he was too nationalistic
why did Wilson think Carranza was too nationalisticWilson wanted to tell him what to do since he helped defeat the old gov't but Carranza wanted to rebuild mexico his own way
Who did Carranza paraphrase in a letter to WilsonAbraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address
what did Carranza say in the paraphrased letter to Wilsonwe want to rebuild mexican gov't for the mexican people, by the mexican people
what kind of guy did wilson send his agents to findone that would be easily manipulated
who was the guy wilson's agents foundfrancisco pancha villa
why did wilson start giving panch villa stuff to build an armyso he could revolt against carranza and take over
instead of revolting against carranza and taking over, what did pancho villa do with all the materials Wilson equiped him withhe started doing things like robbing trains
what was pancho villa's response to Wilson's response of cutting him offhe declared war and invaded us, slamming into southern new mexico and killing people
why did pancho villa move the invasion farther east to texas to kill more people before leavingu.s. army had a unit that just happened to be in the area of new mexico where they were on a killing spree
what was wilson's message to carranza about pancho villaasking if he could send police into mexico to capture him
on what terms did carranza agree to wilson's request to send for pancho villaonly if carranza could also send police into u.s. if needing to capture someone
what did wilson send instead of policemen12,000 soldiers
what is the mexican incursionwhen wilson sent 12,000 soldiers into mexico instead of policemen
who was the head of the 12,000 man army wilson sent into mexicoPershing
why did pancho villa run towards mexico city leading the armyhe wanted carranza to think America was trying to invade
what was carranza's response to the army heading towards mexico cityhe sent his own army (villa's plan worked)
what war were we preparing to enter conveniently at about the same time carranza sent his army thinking we wanted warWWI
when wilson didn't catch villa what did he dopulled out the army from mexico to avoid war
in addition to mexico being added to the list of countries that hates us, what was a result of the mexican incursionwe lost all of out investment money that was inside mexico
after the mexican incursion why did other countries that we hadn't even associated with start to dislike us alsoit seemed to them that we didn't have respect for any country

Asia: China & Japan

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how old is china and what had it becomethousands of yrs old and had become an empire
how did china viewed on the outside vs how it really was on the insideit seemed powerful on the outside but on the inside it was not because the emperor of china had no real control over the country
how did other countries take advantage of the emperor's lack of power on the countryby taking pieces of china in 19th century
what was the parts of china that were occupied by outside nations calledspheres of influence
what did chinese call people of the spheres of influencebarbarians
which significant nation did not have a piece of chinaUS
what is u.s. policy towards china and whyopen-door policy because we did not want china to have spheres of influence
why did we not want china to have spheres of influencewe wanted china to be kept a whole complete nation that was free to trade with whoever they wanted
which other asian country has been around for a long time just like chinaJapan
how was japan relative to the rest of the worldwas isolated from the rest of the world and insulated from contact from the rest of the world
what two thinks characterized Japanagrarian and militaristic
how did Japan trade and with whothey only kept one island that they let portuguese trade with
when was the last time anybody tried to invade Japanearly 1200s by china using a very large fleet of ships
when chinese invasion of japan failed who did they blame it ona large gust of wind that sank all the ships
when did japan decide to open up and to whom first1850s and to U.S. first
how did Japan transform from the 1850sthey industrialized because we sold them technology and raw materials
japan went from what to what in the 1850sfrom isolated and purely agrarian to one of the big boys economically
who was japan's dearest friends throughout the whole industrialization process of the 1850s and what stopped the friendshipU.S., progressive movement
what happened with our relationship with japan throughout the progressivesit began to decline
after the progressives what was japan's view of usthe didn't quite hate as much as the latin americans but they sure didn't like us like they used to
when was pearl harbordec 7 1941
what was our relationship w/ japan in the 1930sgot to the point where they didn't like us and we didn't like them
three incidents that happened with japan that helped erode our relationship with each otherRusso-Japanese war (1904-5), san francisco school board crisis, the great white fleet
what was the Russo-Japanese warwar between Russia and Japan which was fought in china
what caused the Russo-Japanese warRussia and Japan's spheres of influence bumped into each other
what did Japan do on a sun morn, feb 1904, without declaration of warlaunched an attack on the harbor of russia's sphere and demolished them
what did all the newspapers around the world say after japan's attack on the russians and why did they say itthey said japan didn't stand a chance in the war because japanese were like 5ft and russians were like 6ft
who was winning most of the altercations in the russo japanese warjapan
what happened after like a year of the russo-japanese warfareboth sides wanted out
times TR interfered with other countries to show his policeman nicknamemorocco crisis and russo japanese war