History End of year Exam

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When did WW1 end11th November 1918 after the Kaiser had abdicated and Erzberger signed an armistice to stop fighting.
How long were the Germans given to respond to the treaty?15 days
When was the treaty of Versaille signed by Germany?28th June 1919
What reparations did the Germans pay to the allies?£6.6 billion
What was the German Army like after TTOV?100,000 men and no subscriptions.
What was the German Navy and airforce like?No airforce allowed and navy had to only have 6 cruisers, 12 destroyers and 12 torpedo boats.
In percentages, how much land did Germany lose?13% of european territory, 50% of its iron and 15% coal reserves.
What were the Weimar government called?November criminals.
How was the Weimar government set out?Proportional representation, local governments, democracy, reichstag, reichstrat and president.
What happened to Germany's gold reserves?They were used during the war.
How did inflation happen?The reparations from TTOV
How was the occupation of the Ruhr bad for GermanyThe Ruhr was Germany's industrial area and responsible for 80% coal and iron production.
When did hyperinflation start?in 1923 when the government started printing more money.
Who improved hyperinflationGustav stresemann by issuing a new currency called the rentenmark.
Who led the left wing sparticist revolution 1919?Rosa luxemburg and Karl Liebnecht.
How was the sparticist revolution endedWeimar government called the Freikorps, demobilised solidiers.
Who led the Kapp Putsch revolution in 1920?Dr Wolfgang Kapp marched in Berlin to bring back the Kaiser.
How did the Kapp Putsch revolution end?Workers went on strike and Kapp could not communicate and he was captured.
When did the wall street crash start?October 1929
When was the Reichstag Fire?27th February 1933, caused by Van der lubbe, a young, mental, dutch communist
When was the enabling act issued?late March 1934
When did Hitler make Germany a totalitarian state and banned trade unions?July 1933
When was the night of the long knives30th Jun 1934 and 1st July 1934
When did Hitler become Führer2nd August 1934
When was the first concentration camp opened?Dachau in 1933
When was the SS set up1925, from 1929 it was run my heinrich himmler
When was the Gestapo set up?1933
When was the concordat made between Hitler and the Churches?July 1933
When was the Hitler youth made compulsory1939
What were the 3 k's for women?kinder küche Kirche
What was the programme which encouraged childbirthlebensborn programme
what does DAF do?ensured men worked
What were the RADprovided work for unemployed (building autobahns) motorways
Who were the KDFLeisure activities for workers
What did the SDA do?Ensured good standards at work, e.g. safety, hot meals and ventilation
What law prevented jews form mingling with the german publicThe Nuremberg laws, 15 September 1935
how did kristallnacht happena young jew killed german officer (von rath) and terror ensued.
Kristallnacht (night of broken glass) events?100 jews dead, 171 homes, 814 shops and 191synagogues destroyed.
when could doctors sterilise non aryansin 1933 , the had full authority and permission to.
when were gypsies deported1939
who were the main rebel teen group in germanyedelweiss pirates listened to jazz music and wrote anti nazi messages.
When did Hitler become chancellor?30th January 1933
When was the Dawes plan created?1924
When was the Young plan created? 1929
When was the concordat between the churches made?July 1933
When did Pope Pius XI slam the concordat?1937
Who was Martin Niemoller?Protestant pastor who was up the PEL (Pastor' Emergency League) to campaign against the nazis
When was Niemoller sent to a concentration camp?1937
Who were the untermenschen?Non aryans such as jews, gypsies and africans


Question Answer
What was the Mothers Cross?Encouraged childbirth, gave awards for giving birth to many kids
When were women allowed to work again?In 1935, made a speech.

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