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Ritornelloa little return that refers to a passage for full orchestra that is repeated between ideas in music or between instrumental solos. Example: Vivaldi's La Primavera
Binary Forma two part form used in a Baroque suite with no strong contrast between sections
Counterpointa type of polyphonic music that is a melody against melody
Word paintingan expressive device which the meaning of the words is vividly depicted through the music. Example: Handel's Messiah
Tierce de Picardiea common trait of ending a minor key work in the tonic major. Example: Prelude and Fugue in C Minor
Rocket Themea rapidly ascending melody outlining an arpeggio, often used as a dramatic opening in Classical era works. Example: Eine Kleine
Equal Temperament Systema system of tuning based on the division of the octave into twelve equal semitones. Prelude and Fugue in C minor
Recitativo Seccoa declamatory style of singing accompanied by continuo only. Example: The Messiah
Mamboa moderately fast dance of Afro-Cuban origin. Example: West Side Story
Impressionisma stylistic movement in music that was inspired by French Painters such as Monet. Example: Prelude to the Afternoon of the Faun
Librettotext of an opera or oratorio. Example: Messiah
Lieda short lyric composition based on a poetic text for solo voice and accompaniment. Example: Erlkonig
Program musicinstrumental music based on a poem or story which is explained y the composer or suggested by the title. It tells a story or describes an event. Example: Symphonie Fantastique
Cyclical Structurewhen themes or motives from earlier movements reoccur in later ones Example: Symphony No 5 in C Minor
Polytonalitythe simultaneous use of two or more key signatures. Example: Petrushka of Stravinsky
Atonalitythe absence of any tonal centre or key
Ternary Formmusic in three parts where the third section is a near or exact repetition of the first part
Polyrhythmsimultaneous use of several rhythmic patterns
Quasi berceusein the style of a lullaby
Pedal Pointa sustained note, frequently in the bass over which harmonies change in the melody line
Idee Fixea reoccurring theme found in every movement. Example: Symphonie Fantastique
French OvertureBaroque instrumental introduction to an opera or oratorio with a slow opening followed by an Allegro and a brief return to the opening, characterized by a dotted rhythm. Example: The Messiah
Sonata Cyclea multi-music structure that consists of three or four contrasting movements. The first movement is a sonata allegro form The second movement is often the slow movement. The third movement was generally a minuet and trio often replaced by a scherzo in the 19th century. Often the fourth movement is a rondo.
Impressionism in musicmusic conveying experience by capturing fleeting impressions of reality or of mood. Example: Prelude to the Afternoon of the Faun
Recitativo accompagnato a type of recitative with orchestra accompaniment. Example: The Messiah
Exoticismsuggests the picturesque atmosphere and colour of far off lands. The longing of the northern nations for the warmth of the south and by the longing of the west for the fairy tale splendours of the east. Example: Carmen
Absolute musicmusic that exists for itself and does not tell a story
Binary formstandard form in a Baroque suite consisting of two sections
Ophicleidean obsolete keyed brass instrument having the lowest range in the brass family
Pentatonic scale scale that has 5 notes to the cave where the 4th and 7th degrees are omited
Tritonean interval of three whole tones or an augmented fourth