History Dates

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Indus Valley Civilisation.2500-1500 BC
Aryans arrive from central Asia.2000-1500
The Early Vedic Age – Rigveda.1500-1000
Later Vedic Period - Samaveda,Yajurveda and Atharvaveda,Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Samhitas, early Upanishads and Sutras.1000-500
Gautama Buddha – born at Lumbini (Nepal); attainment of knowledge –Bodh Gaya (Bihar); first sermon –Sarnath, near Varanasi (UP); Nirvana –Kusinagar (Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh).563-483
Mahavira – born at Kundagrama near Vaishali (Bihar) and nirvana at Pavapuri (Patna, Bihar).540-468
Rule of Ajatasatru, son of Bimbisara, king of Magadha.492-460
Rule of Nandas of Magadha364-321
Invasion of India by Alexander Battle of Hydaspes.326
Reign of Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of the Mauryan dynasty.322-298
Reign of Ashoka , son of Bindusara 273-232
Kalinga war.261
Asoka's conversion to Budhism by Upagupta.257
Third Buddhist council at Pataliputra250
Accession of Kanishka, The Saka era begins.78
Reign of Chandragupta-I.320-335
Reign of Samudragupta known as Indian Napoleon.335-380
Reign of Chandragupta II (Vikramaditya).380-414
The visit of the Chinese pilgrim Fa-hien to India.405-411
Harsha Vardhana of Kanauj606-647
Hiuen-Tsang visited India630-644


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Sankaracharya and his philosophy of Advaita.788-820
Construction of Khajuraho Temples.916-1203
Invasion of Mahmud of Ghazni.1000-1027
Prithviraj III, defeated Muhammad Ghori in the first battle of Tarain .1191
Mohammad Ghori defeated Prithviraj in theSecond Battle of Tarain in 1192.1192
Foundation of the Sultanate of Delhi by Qutub-ud-din Aibak.1206
Death of Qutub-ud-din Aibak.1210
Reign of Iltutmish.1210-1236
Mongol invasion under Chenghis Khan.1221
Iltumish completed the construction of Qutub Minar at Delhi.1231
Reign of Empress Raziya, daughter of Iltutmish, the first and last woman ruler of Medieval India.1236-1240
Reign of Sultan Balban.1266-1287
Visit of Marco Polo in India.1288-1293
Sultan Jalal-ud-din Firuz Khilji, founder of the Khilji dynasty.1290-1296
Reign of Sultan Alauddin Khilji.1296-1316
Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq (Ghazi Malik), founder of the Tughlaq dynasty.1320-1325
Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq. Transferred the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad1325-1351
Ibn Batuta arrives in India.1333


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Invasion of Timur during the reign of Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud1398
The first Battle of Panipat (1526) Babur defeats Ibrahim Lodhi.1526
Foundation of the empire of Vijayanagar by Harihara and Bukka1336
Foundation of the Bahmani kingdom by Ala-ud-din Hasan Bahman Shah (1347-1358)1346
Vasco da Gama arrives at Calicut1498
Babur defeats Ibrahim Lodhi at the first battle of Panipat. Formation of Mughal empire.1526
Battle of Khanwa. Babur defeats Rana Sanga of Mewar.1527
Death of Guru Nanak.1538
Sher Shah defeats Humayun at Chausa and assumes sovereignty.1539
Birth of Akbar.1542
Battle of Kalinjar.1545
Death of Sher Shah.1545
Death of Humayun and accession of Akbar. Second Battle of Panipat.1556
Foundation of Fatehpur Sikri.1571
Battle of Haldighati and defeat of Maharana Pratap.1576
Din-i-Ilahi promulgated by Akbar.1581


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Death of Akbar and accession of Jahangir.1605
William Hawking visited Jahangir.1609
Sir Thomas Roe in the court of Jahangir.1615
Death of Mumtaz Mahal.1631
Murder of Afzal Khan by Shivaji.1659
Death of Shah Jahan.1666
Sivaji's Coronation and assumption of the title of Chatrapati.1674
Death of Sivaji.1680
Invasion of Nadirshah.1739
First Carnatic war.1746-48
Second Carnatic war.1748-54
Third Carnatic war.1756-63
Battle of Plassey.1757
Third Battle of Panipat1761
Battle of Buxar. The English defeat Shah Alam, Shuja-ud-daulah and Mir Qasim.1764
Clive, Company’s Governor in Bengal.1765


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The Great Bengal Famine.1770
The Regulating Act was passed, bringing the company partially under Parliament’s control and the Presidencies under Calcutta’s control.1773
Warren Hastings Governor-General ; Establishment of Supreme Court,Calcutta.1773-85
Pitt’s Act passed, Setting up Board of Control for East India Company; Asiatic Society of Bengal founded by Sir William Jones.1784
Treaty of Srirangapatnam signed between Tipu and English.1792
Fourth Mysore War. Fall of Srirangapatnam. Death of Tipu.1799
Establishment of the College of Fort William.1800
Prohibition of Sati.1829
Foundation of Calcutta Medical College.1835
Death of Ranjit Singh.1839
Railway opened from Bombay to Thana; Telegraph line from Calcutta to Agra.1853
Revolt of 1857. Revolt at Meerut begins on May 10, 1857.1857-58
British India placed under the direct government of the Crown. Queen Victoria’s Proclamation.1858
Indian Councils Act; Archaeological Survey of India set up; Indian Civil Service Act; Introduction of the Penal code.1861
Visit of the Prince of Wales; Arya Samaj founded by Swami Dayananda.1875
Lord Lytton held Durbar at Delhi where Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India.1877
Vernacular Press Act.1878


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Lord Ripon as Viceroy.1880-84
First session of the Indian National Congress held at Bombay.1885
Ramakrishna Mission founded.1896
Lord Curzon Viceroy.1899-1905
Partition of Bengal.1905
Muslim League formed at Dacca.1906
Surat Congress, moderates-extremists clash.1907
Morley-Minto Reforms.1909
Lucknow Pact of Indian National Congress and All-India Muslim League; Foundation of Women’s University at Poona.1916
Montague-Chelmsford Reforms; Rowlatt Act passed; Massacre at Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar (April 13).1919
Khilafat Movement and Non Co-operation Movement.1920
Chauri Chaura incident.1922
Simon Commission comes to India. Death of Lala Lajpat Rai following police assault. Nehru Report.1928
Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt drops bombs in the Legislative Assembly1929
Gandhiji’s Dandi March. Civil Disobedience Movement.1930
First Round Table Conference.1930-31
Gandhi-Irwin Pact signed; Second Round Table Conference.1931
Government of India Act, 1935 passed by British Parliament.1935
Second World War begins (September).1939
Pakistan resolution passed by Muslim League at Lahore.1940


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Subhash Chandra Bose escapes from India.1941
Cripps comes to India with his proposals in March.Congress rejects Cripps Proposal (11 April). “Quit India” resolution passed by Congress on August 8.1942
Announcement of Lord Mountbatten’s plan for Partition of India (June 3). Indian Independence Act passed (July). Creation of free India and Pakistan on midnight of August 14/15, 1947 as dominions.1947
Jawaharlal Nehru Prime Minister of India. 1947-64
Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi (January 30). Raja-gopalachari appointed first Indian Governor-General (June 21).1948
New Constitution of India adopted and signed (November 26).1949
India become a Republic. New Constitution comes into force (January 26). Dr. Rajendra Prasad, first President of Indian Republic. Planning Commission was set up1950
Inauguration of First Five Year Plan.1951
First General Election in India. National Development Council (NDC) set up. Family Planning is launched.1952
Conquest of Mount Everest. University Grants Commission (UGC) is set up. CBI is set up1953
Hindu Marriage Act and Indian Citizenship Act.1955
Reorganisation of Indian States on linguistic basis. 2nd Five Year Plan launched.1956
Introduction of decimal system of coinage. National Calender based on Saka era adopted.1957
Panchayat Raj introduced in Rajasthan.1959
Goa, Daman and Diu liberated from Portuguese possession. Arjuna Award introduced1961
First Nationalisation of 14 Banks. First Dada Sahib Phalke Award was given to Davika Rani1969
Birth of Bangladesh.1971
Underground nuclear explosion carried out at Pokhran (May 18).1974
Mother Theresa gets Bharat Ratna.1980


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Bharat Ratna posthumously awarded to Acharya Vinoba Bhave.1983
Sqn. Ldr. Rakesh Sharma becomes first Indian cosmonaut to go into space. Bachendri Pal becomes first Indian woman to scale Mount Everest. Indira Gandhi assassinated. Rajiv Gandhi sworn in as new Prime Minister. Bhopal Gas tragedy1984
Dhronachary Award instituted1985
Nelson Mandela honoured with Bharat Ratna.1990
Rajiv Gandhi is assassinated at Sriperum budur in Tamil Nadu.1991
Panchayati Raj Act becomes operational.1994
Bombay becomes mumbai.1995