History Dates

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Kaiser Abdicates8th November 1918
Armistice signed11th November 1918
Spartacist rebellion (1st)January 1919
Spartacist rebellion (2nd)May 1919
Treaty of Versailles28th June 1919
Communist agitation in the Ruhr (year)1920
Kapp Putsch13th March 1920
Washington Conference12th November 1921
Germany fell behind in reparation paymentsJanuary 1922
Rapallo Treaty16th April 1922
Occupation of the Ruhr 1923
Beer Hall Putsch - Nazis in control8th November 1923
Beer Hall Putsch - Government in control9th November 1923


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Stresemann was chancellor1923
Stresemann was foreign minister1924
Dawes Plan1924
Hitler's Trial for the Munich Putsch26th February 1924
Locarno Treaties1925
SS formedApril 1925
Germany joined the League of nations1926
Hitler Youth formed4th July 1926
Kellog - Briand Pact27th August 1928
Young Plan1929
Stresemann died3rd October 1929
Wall Street Crash29th October 1929


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Great Depression1929 - 1930
Youth branches established1930
Nazi party gained 18.3% of the votes - 2nd largest partySeptember 1930
Nazi party gained 37.4% of the votes - largest partyJuly 1932
Hitler appointed Chancellor30th January 1933
Hitler defined the Nazi foreign policy3rd February 1933
Reichstag fire27th February 1933
Communist party banned - Nazi party gained 44% of vote5th March 1933
Enabling Act23rd March 1933
Gestapo formed26th April 1933
Nazis took over local government26th April 1933
Trade Unions were banned2nd May 1933
Book burning10th May 1933
All political parties were banned except the Nazi party14th July 1933
ConcordatJuly 1933
Germany withdrew from the League of NationsOctober 1933


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The Night of the Long Knives30th June 1934
Hindenburg dies - Hitler becomes 'Der Fuhrer'2nd August 1934
Hitler defined a woman's role - Kitchen, Cooking, ChildrenSeptember 1934
Russia joins the League of Nations18th September 1934
Hjalmar Schacht's New economic plan1934
Herman Goering established the Luftwaffe26th February 1935
Hitler announced German army to be expandedMarch 1935
Conscription introducedMarch 1935
Anglo - German naval agreement18th June 1935
Nuremberg Laws15th September 1935
Confessional church banned1935
Re - occupation of the Rhineland7th March 1936
Berlin Olympics began1st August 1936
Axis alliance concluded between Germany and Italy25th October 1936
Anti - Comintern pact concluded between Germany and Japan25th November 1936
Membership of Hitler Youth made compulsoryDecember 1936
Schacht replaced with Herman Goering1936
Goering introduces the 4-year plan1936


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Anschluss14th March 1938
Munich Agreement30th September 1938
KristallnachtNovember 1938
Hitler invaded and occupied Czechoslovakia15th March 1939
Britain stated that if Poland was invaded they would to war with Germany31st March 1939
Nazi - Soviet pact (Molotov and Ribbentrop pact)23rd August 1939
Anglo - Polish Common Defence pact25th August 1939
Invasion of Poland using Blitzkrieg - WWII begins1st September 1939
"Euthanasia Programme" introduced1939
America joins WWII1941
Operation Barbarossa 1941
Wannsee conference20th January 1942
WWII ends2nd September 1945
Yalta ConferenceFebruary 1945
Potsdam ConferenceJuly 1945


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Secretary os state George Marshall makes a speech1947
Greek communists defeated1949
The Marshall plan passes by congress1948
Berlin blockade begins24th June 1948
NATO formed4th April 1949
Stalin calls off the Berlin blockade12th May 1949
West GermanyMay 1949
First, West Germany elections heldAugust 1949
Soviet zone renamed1949
Stalin successfully developed an atom bomb1949
NATO expanded1955
Korean war 1950 - 1953
Hydrogen bomb1952
Stalin dies5th March 1953


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Russian army moves into Poland - crush rising food prices revolt1956
Russian army quashes an anti - communist rising in Hungary - 300,000 killed1956
USSR launches 'Sputnik' - first space satellite1957
Communist regime comes to power in Cuba1959
U2 plane shot down over Russia1960
USSR announces they have developed a hydrogen bomb1961
Bay of Pigs1961
Berlin wall built1961


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Trumann in power1945 - 1953
Dwight Eisenhower1953 - 1960
JFK in power1960 - 1963
Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) in power1963 - 1969
Richard Nixon in power1969 - 1974
Gerald Ford in power1974 - 1977
Nikola Khrushchev in power1955 - 1964
Fidel Castro in power1955 - 1964
Fulgencio Batista in power1952 - 1959


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Kennedy informed of Soviet missile sites in CubaTuesday 16th October 1962
Blockade set upMonday 22nd October 1962
Khrushchev claims he won't obey the blockade (act of piracy) - "missiles to defend Cuba"Tuesday 23rd October 1962
Soviet ships agree to turn aroundWednesday 24th October 1962
First Russian ship reaches blockade - the USA secretly floats the idea of removing the Turkey missilesThursday 25th October 1962
Khrushchev's first letter arrivesFriday 26th October 1962
Second letter arrives - US plane shot down - meeting between Kennedy and Russian ambassadorSaturday 27th October 1962