History Dates and R.S terms

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Wars of the roses started 1455
100 years war started1337
Battle of Hastings1066
Peasants Revolt1381
First crusade set off1096
Magna Carta signed1215
Henry II became king1154
Printing press invented c1450
Harrowing of the North started 1069
Doomsday book created 1085
Henry V became king1413
Stephen became king1135
Battle of Agincourt1415
Edward III became king1327
William the Conqueror became king1066
Thomas Beckett murdered1170
Black Death arrived in England1348
Battle 0f Tewkesbury1471
Battle of Crecy1346
Battle 0f Boswroth1485

R.S Terms

Question Answer
Nomadis someone who moves around and takes their possessions with them
Menoraha nine headed candle
Hebrewthe Jewish language
Kippura jewish hat worn by men in a mosque
Patriarch a man centered religion
Templea spiritual building in Jerusalem
Tallita jewish prayer shawl
Teffilina box containing text
Covenantan agreement between God and Jews
Bar Mitzvaha ceremony of a Jewish person who has turned 13 and is welcomed in public worships
Mosesa Jewish prophet in the 2nd covenant
Mezwzaha box containing religious text in the door-frame
Abrahamthe first monotheist in the 1st covenant
Torahthe Jewish central text
Yada pointer shaped like a hand
Ark of covenanta chest containing two stone tablets with the 10 commandments inscribed on
Persecutionis harrasment for religious reasons
Atonementwhere you repent your sins to god

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