History Cultural Revolution test

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Question Answer
What did Mao do after GLF?retired to 'second line' isolated in the forbidden city. Read, exercise and prostitues
When was the 7000 cadre conference and what happened?1962, Liu dismissed Mao's claim that GLF failed from bad weather
Who were the ideologues?Mao, Jiang Qing, Lin Biao
Who were the pragmatists?Deng, Liu and Zhou
When did Party announce Lenin Marxism > MaoismMarch 1960
When was the Social Education Campaign and what did it entail?1962, return China to path of communism
When was the early 10 points campaign?Feb 1963, Four clean ups response lukewarm, still recovering from GF
When was the later 10 points?August 1963, disruption = minimal, middle class peasants not affected. Campaign organised by cadre work teams
Who did Mao blame for failure of later 10 points?Liu for 'unenthusiastic commitment'
When did Mao first praise Wuhan's play?1961
When did Mao criticise Wuhan's play as an indirect attack against him?1965
What did the (C)CRG consist of?17 member sub committee of politburo, full of ideologies: gang of 4
When did Mao swim in the Yangtze, 'breaking' the world record?July 1966
When did Mao announce Cultural Revolution, '16 point directive'August 1966
How did Mao get youth support?Success of Korean war, popular policies, enthused by revolution, too young to be rememb of failed GLF
Why did the youth join the Red Guards?Non-Monolithic; employment opportunities, chance of glory
When did Mao allow 'Black elements' to join Red GuardsAutumn 1966
When was little Red Book created by Lin Biao?1964
How were people's days split as of Mao's cult?4 parts, morning homage, study quotes & sharing knowledge at work, reflection at night
When were 8 mass rallies in Tiananmen Square?August - November 1966
When did Mao publish portrait of himself in Beijing?5th August 1966
Who organised Mass rallies Chen Boda
Who organised transport of youth to Beiing?Lin Biao
When were the four olds?August 1966
What happened after 'Boldly arouse masses' in public?Restaurant goers complete surveys, go signs changed to red, surgeons scared to operate
Why did 'go' signs revert to green?Too much chaos, corrected by Zhou Enlai
What was the damage in Confucius temple in Shangdong?6618 artefacts destroyed, 2000 graves defaced. Despite this, RG: 'not efficient enough'
What happened to Hai Rui's burial site, subject of Wuhan's play?Grave defaced
What happened to Wu Xun, culture hero from 19th century?Corpse exhumed, tore to pieces and burned
What happened to Qing era archway?destroyed, connection to west though opium wars
What occurred in Tibet?Monasteries looted, scriptures used as toilet paper, jewellery to bank, self denunc.
When did Red Terror start?Autumn- Winter 1966, violence out of control
What contributed to red terror?Anarchy, rival RG groups formed, personal grudges took over
What happened to Lao She?Renowned playwright committed suicide
What happened to Ding Ling?tortured, forced to sleep in barn with newborn son
What happened in Shanxi in red terror?Provincial vice governor joined red guards to purge rival CCP leaders
Why couldn't Mao control Red terror?it would have defeated purpose of revolution
What happened to class enemies in red terror?killed and tortured in self denunciations
What did Mao say on his birthday (boxing day 1966)?'To all round civil war'
When was February adverse current?1967, Zhu De, Chen Yi critisise CR, Mao accuses them of distrupting 'revolutionary tide'
When Mao announce 'More chaos = better'?April 1967
When did PLA kill 1000 red guards?Wuhan, summer 1967
When did Rebels seize power of Beijing foreign ministry for 2 weeks?August 1967
When were the revolutionary committees?Sept 1967
How did rev. committees protect party legitimacy?gave rebels some proportion of vote, party still dominant.
How did rev. committees encourage bureaucracy?Purged personnel could regain power.
Who was Liu Shaoqi?popular pragmatist, opposed Mao, believed to be equal
When was Liu's wife dressed as a whore in front of 300,000 RG?April 1967
When was Liu charged as a Spy?October 1968
When did Liu die?November 1969, after torture and house arrest
How was Deng purged?Popular pragmatist who worked with Liu, sent to Jiangxi tractor factory. Son chased by RG= parlaysed
What percentages of regional and central gov purged?70-80% regional gov purged, 60-70% central gov purged
How many politburo members survived purge?9 of 23
How many bureaucrats and cadres were exiled to the countryside?3 million
How many red guards were sent to the country side to learn about peasantry?18 million
When was Lin announced as Mao's successor?1969
When did Lin die?1971 in a plane crash after escaping China after fear of being purged
When did Mao call Deng back as PLA chief of staff and member of politburo standing committee1975
What were Deng's four modernisations?Agriculture, Science and Tech, defence and industry. V popular
Why was Deng exiled to a pig farm later?four modernisations were seen as counter revolutionary by gang of 4, jealous of popularity
When did gang of four criticise Lin Biao and confucius campaign?1973
Why was gang of four criticism of Lin Biao unsuccessful?Real attempt to discredit Zhou and Deng. People saw through her scheme. Failed
When did Zhou Enlai and Mao die?1976
Who was named as Mao's successor by Mao himself?Hua Guofeng, unknown bureaucrat
When did Mao order PLA to crush RG violence?1968
How many died in Yunnan from 'enforced suicide'?6979