History Civil Rights Movement

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Greensboro, South Carolina- sit insAfrican American protesters sat at segregated lunch counters and refused to leave until they were served
Freedom RidersSupreme Court decided to ban segregated seating on buses. Freedom riders were activists who rode buses through the South to challenge segeregation
Freedom SummerA project to register African American voters in Mississippi, Civil Rights groups trained college students in non violent protest
James Meredith/Univ of MississippiAir force veteran who won federal court case that allowed him to enroll in an all white university in Mississippi, Governor Ross Barnett refused to allow him to attend, President Kennedy ordered Federal Marshalls to escort him to regestration causing many riots
Civil Rights Act of 1964prohibited discrimination because of race, religion, origin, and gender. gave all citizens the right to enter liberties, parks, washrooms, restrooms and other public places
Voting rights act of 1965eliminated literacy tests that had disqualified many, could enroll voters who were denied again
Nation of islam/black muslimsElijah Muhammad-black muslims, advocate blacks seperate from whites. "African American solidarity"
Malcom X-Ballots to bulletsControversial Muslim Speaker-joined nation of islam while in prison,preaches seperation from whites
Black Panthersfought police brutality in the ghetto and advocated self sufficiency for African American communities as well as full employment and decent housing. They preached self defense, had several shootouts with police
Huey Newton/Bobby Scalefounder of black panthers
Kerner commissiona group that was appointed by president LBJ to study the causes of urban violence and that recommend the elimination of defacto segregation
Civil Rights act of 1968A law that banned discrimination in housing
Affirmative Actiona policy that seeks to correct the effects of past discrimination by favoring the groups who were disadvantaged, helped equalize education and job opportuunities

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