History chapter slides #2-7

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Question Answer
what was known as the period from the end of the Civil War to 1877Reconstruction
When was the reconstruction? from when the civil war ended until 1877
What was the North's need for reconstruction?very little damage of property, industry was growing, immigration was continuing
What was the South's need for reconstruction? vast property damage, dead economy, need to integrate freed slaves
What were the Phases of reconstruction?phase 1 1865-67 presidential reconstruction, phase 2 1867-76 Radical (congressional) reconstruction, phase 3 1877-1900 bourbon (redeemers's) reconstruction
Who was in phases one? Lincoln and Johnson
when was phase one? 1865-67
when was phase 2? 1867-76
when was phase 3? 1877-1900
what was Lincoln's justification?that he had the power under the constitution to let the south rebel
what was Lincoln's plan called? ten percent plan
when was the ten percent plan? 1863
what was the ten percent plan?offered pardons to confederates who took an oath of allegiance to the constitution
when how much percent of voters took the oath, the state could from a new government? 10%