History - Chapter 2, Section 3

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Section 1

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How did ideas of the Enlightenment lead to the independence and founding of the united states of america?Ideas of freedom and representative government inspired leaders in colonies to revolt and establish Independent republic
What was the revolt?Suck My Fucking Dick You Dumb Ass Whores
What led to Britain's rise to global prominence in the mid 1700s?Trade was controlled by Britain, wealthy landowners controlled politics and society, also had religious diversity
In what ways were the colonies already developing independence from Britain?They made their own laws and had assemblies and law making partys of elected officials.
What Enlightenment ideas are reflected in the declaration of independence?John Locke's ideas: Life liberty and property
What advantages did the colonies have in battling Britain for their independence?The colonies knew the territory.
Explain the influence of enlightenment ideas on the u.s. constitution and bill of rightsSeperation of power, checks and balances, limited government, and popular sovereignty.
Explain why conflict between the colonists and britain increased after 1763New taxes were enforced
What reasons might a loyalist have for opposing the american revolutionThey were loyalists; loyal to Britain.

Section 2

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A new king born in EnglandGeorge III
Law passed in 1765 by the British parliamentStamp Act
Political and social leaders from all 13 coloniesGeorge Washington
Principal author of the Declaration of IndependenceThomas Jefferson
Basic principle of the American system of governmentPopular sovereignty
Location where the British army surrendered in the American RevolutionYorktown, Virginia
Ended the warTreaty of Paris
U.S. leader whom addressed articles of confederation were weakJames Madison
Another U.S. leader whom also addressed Articles of Confederation were weakBenjamin Franklin
Power divided between the federal, or national, government and the statesFederal Republic