History Ch. 24

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Section 1

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globalism an international rather than a purely national focus
Maastricht Treatysigned in 1992 by the 12 Common Market nations pledging to to create the European Union
European Union(EU) - economic union, introduced euro
eurosingle currency for member nations of the EU, introduced in 1999
ecumenical movementattempt to attain religious unity 0 (ecumenical means "universal" or "worldwide")
WCC(World Council of Churches) - most significant force in the ecumenical movement
Second Vatican Council(1962-65) commonly called Vatican II, heralded new era of openness in the church
Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jonesleading critic of ecumenism
"new world order"presented by Pres. Bush, built on peace and justice, united world community
World Bankestablished in 1945, assisted in rebuilding Europe after WWII and helped former Communist countries transition to capitalism
SARS(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) - demonstrated easier spread of diseases

Section 2

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Bill ClintonDemocrat who became U.S. Pres., made economy central issure of campaign
NAFTA(North American Free Trade Agreement) - lowered tariffs with Canada and Mexico and was popular in the business community
George W. Bushbecame U.S. Pres. after close election against Al Gore
John MajorBritian prime minister, low approval rating, but success in foreign affairs
"New Labour" Paryless tied to unions, no longer called for major nationalization of British business and industry, led by Tony Blair
Helmut KohlConservative German chancellor, achieved reunification of Germany
Gerhard SchroederSocialist German chancellor after Kohl
Francois Mitterrandfirst socialist president of the Fifth Republic (France)
Jacques Chiracbecame pres. after Mitterrand and returned France to more of a centurist government
LDP(Liberal Democratic Party) - has dominated Japan since WWII

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Vladimir Putinbecame pres. of Russia after Yeltsin resigned, former Soviet secret police
Slobodan Milosevicpres. of Serbia who began a campaign of mass murder in Kosovo and UN, NATO, and West had to intervene
developing nationsemergence of these was a major theme of late 13th century
decolonizationwhen imperialist nations granted independence to their colonies
Mohandas Gandhileader of the Indian nationalists (was later assasinated)
passive resistancea nonviolent program designed to defy British rule through strikes, mass demonstrations, and refusal to pay taxes
Pervez MusharrafPakistani general who led Pakistan to become aan ally with the U.S. in the war against terrorism
Indira Gandhiprime minister in India, had difficulty dealing with India's overpopulation, hunger, and poverty (was later assasinated)
genocidethe systematic extermination of a race or ethnic or religious group
Idi Amin Dadacruel African dictator in Uganda, military officer who was a Marxist and a Muslim
AfrikanersDutch descent
apartheidrigid system of racial separation
Nelson Mandelawinner of Nobel Peace Prize and 1st black pres. of S. Africa
AIDS(Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) epidemic is worst threat to Africans
OAS(Organization of American States) formed in 1948 - regional organization designed to prevent Communist expansion in the Western Hemisphere
Vicente Foxelected pres. of Mezico, 1st national defeat for Institutional Revolutionary Party

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Zionist movementfounded in 1896, dedicated to creating national home for Jews in Palestine
Balfour Declarationissued by British government to "view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and to use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object", also said that the rights of the non-Jewish community already in Palestine would be safeguarded
Suez Crisis1956, tension between Israel and Arabs over Suez Canal
Six-Day War 1956, 6-day war between Israel and Arabs in which Israel launched a preemptive air strike and captured the Sinai Peninsula
Yom Kippur War1973, Egypt and Syria attacked Israel on Jewish Day of Atonement, Israelis won but at great cost
PLO(Palestine Liberation Organization) demanded separate Palestinian state and initiated intifada (has rejected/broken every agreement for peace)
Yasser Arafatleader of PLO
Anwar Sadatof Egypt, met at Camp David to join in peace talks, assasinated by unhappy soldiers
Menachem Begin of Israel, met at Camp David to join in peace talks
Camp David Accords1979, Sadat, Begin, and Jimmy Carter met to achieve Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty, returned Sinai Peninsula to Egypt, and Egypt recognized Israel's independence
OPEC(Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) 1960, sought to control the production and price of oil around the world
Ayatollah Khomeiniinstalled as ruler of Iran after Muslims overthrew the shah, (Ayatollah means "reflection, or sigh, of Allah")
Taliban"students" trained in not only radical Islamic doctrine but also terrorist tactics
terrorismcruel acts against innocent civilans to achieve goals
Osama bin Ladenwealthy Saudi who founded al-Qaeda, harbored mounting anger against U.S. for their presence in Saudi Arabia and support of Israel, organized 9/11
al-Qaedaa network of terrorists, founded by Osama bin Laden, launched most devastating attack on U.S. soil by a foreign group
Hamid Karzaiinagurated as Afghanistan's pres.